Motivate your Employees Gameshow Style

Motivate your Employees Gameshow Style

Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, your high achievers know! Your employees will be rewarded by bonuses, time off, movie tickets, early clock outs, or whatever prizes you wish to offer. Wheels of fortune have fascinated crowds for hundreds of years, and your own employees will flock to this popular game of chance with tons of enthusiasm. A prize wheel can be built to your specifications to inspire your employees in a variety of ways. Smaller prizes can be offered at the beginning of a contest to be replaced by greater options as the contest nears its close.

Every sales staff is used to contests to motivate them to high sales levels. You can replace boredom with excitement by boosting a contest with a spin of the wheel. More sales equal more opportunities to spin and win big. Top tier prizes at the end of a sales promotion add to the thrill. Clear vinyl windows over prizes created on your own printers mean attractive displays without additional cash outlay. Dry erase options allow you to write on the segments of the wheel and erase them at will for the fastest possible change-up.

Non-sales departments are often left out of contests, but the versatility of a lottery wheel allows you to customize it over and over again with each contest designed specifically for the department you wish to motivate. Other departments can be rewarded for volume, accuracy, timeliness, quality, attendance, or any other measurable achievement. The wheels can reflect prizes commensurate with that achievement. How better to reward the employee who never calls out than with paid time off? The person who is never late might really appreciate a month of preferred parking. Prizes that cost the employer little to nothing are often greatly appreciated by the recipients.


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It is important for companies to remember that their internal customers are just as valuable to the success of an operation as their external ones. They are equally susceptible to the excitement a prize wheel can generate. You can encourage them to reach for any goal you wish while injecting some fun into the workplace. Whether you opt to order a simple model for internal use only or a dramatic super deluxe version with flashing lights and spectacular LED action, your employees will know that you care about their successes and celebrate their victories with imagination and style.

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