Mobile Bathrooms are Perfect for Business, Renovations or Parties

Mobile bathrooms are a lifesaver whether it is a sudden influx of guests that have led to their installation or the need to have an outdoor facility in your garage or backyard. And it’s no more merely a toilet and perhaps a hand basin packed in. You can now even install a shower if it meets your needs. This is especially convenient for functions be they parties or corporate events.

One of the interesting aspects is that you can get a mobile bathroom that is completely basin done up in white while on the other hand you can even go for a luxury mobile bathroom. The latter is ideal for people who like travelling in trailers or camping out.

Why is it worth it?

  • Great for renovation times and also if you are expecting guests
  • In case of business functions, conferences, garden weddings and the like you get privacy, convenience and also less chance of sewage problems
  • Most models come with a full flush toilet

Can be set up even in your backyard

Most mobile bathroom providers demarcate their offered products in broadly three categories. The standard unit is rather small but comes generally with a shower, basin, dual flush toilet facilities and lighting as well as a mirror above the basin. Compact designs resemble the standard one though a pop-up roof is generally added. This one can be fitted quite easily in your garage. Toilet units on the other hand come without the shower though the rest of the facilities like a hand basin and mirror are provided.

The bathroom suite on wheels

Now enjoy luxury mounted on a trailer without the bulk. Not only do you get a full size toilet with dual flush but also a shower, vanity case and large mirror. You needn’t even stint on hot water as most come with electrically heated water facilities. And even better than that is the fact that there’s no waste kept on board ensuring absence of odour.

The home bathroom effect

Just because it is a temporary bathroom facility, mobile bathrooms don’t cloud the general style statement. Though a bit cramped, they offer enough floor space for a shower enclosure with transparent glass divider and a shower tray. Some have vanity cabinets with built-in basins and large rectangular mirrors. If glass dividers aren’t preferred, they can be switched for shower curtains. Actually once inside, it’s almost as good as a room inside your house.

More than just mobile

If your budget is no hindrance, you will find that portable bathrooms come in a variety of shades and styles. Generally they are made of two-toned color patterns like if the main color of the walls is blue, then shades of lighter blue will be employed for contrasts. The full shower also has towel racks and a shower curtain holder.

Elegance and style

You can impress your guests with mobile bathrooms as the luxury versions come with the latest contemporary finish with pale gray walls and ebony floors. The vanity accessories and partitions come in raspberry red. If needed, you can order for a dual urinal facility and an enclosed cubicle for the toilet.

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