Maximizing Your Commercial Storage Space

When you have the need for commercial storage, it is obvious that you are already dealing with a mountain of items, cluttering up your space—you don’t want that to continue in your unit. The whole point of getting the storage unit is so that you have more room and so you can get items that you don’t need right at this moment in a place where it can be stored until the time comes to retrieve it. To that effect, you should really plan ahead when it comes to how you will load up your storage space to avoid a major mess.

Which One of These Things is Not Like the Other?

One important aspect of filling your storage space is organizing it. You know what needs to be easily accessible, but you should also be grouping things by like kinds so that they are easier to find. For example, say your landscaping company needs to store their summer equipment for the winter season; you could use large trash cans to hold like-products such as hoes, shovels, or rakes.

Prioritize Your Items

Chances are that you are going to be storing multiple things in this unit whether it’s surplus products, back-up business supplies, or extra furniture. No matter what it is you are storing, you will need to prioritize the importance of these items before you move them into the unit. Be realistic about how long a particular item is likely to remain in your commercial storage unit and then load it up accordingly. Items that you are most likely to use first should be in the front so that they can be accessed easily.

I Don’t Even Know What’s In Here

It is imperative that you create a working inventory of your storage space otherwise you may lose track of certain items by forgetting they are in there. Keep this list somewhere that you will not lose it be it at home or at the office. Remember that as you remove or add items to the storage until you will need to update the list. To make things even easier you can draw up a floor plan that shows which areas have been designated for which items. That way if you ever need to send an employee or someone else to retrieve something from the unit, they can find it with ease. Keeping your unit organized will make it a lot easier to store and retrieve items that must be placed out of sight for the time being.

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