Make Your Office Your (Play)Ground

Recently I had to visit a client’s office. As soon as I entered the premises, I felt as if I had entered a totally different world. The entire pathway from the main security gate to the reception had been decorated beautifully. There were different kinds of flowers, a wide variety of trees, beautifully maintained shrubs and bushes and even a small pond, which had ducks and other aquatic creatures! It was as if I had entered a totally different world and not a regular office complex!

And it got me thinking. How happy and satisfied must the people who work here be? Every morning they must be walking through this beautiful path. Positive thoughts and positive energy must be filling them to the core.

But then I thought, maybe it’s just the outside. Let me check how they have maintained their office from within. Though I was sure it must be equally and as tastefully done, I was so wrong!

No, not that it wasn’t tastefully done. In fact, it was so beautiful and well-planned that no one could have imagined it from outside. Even the outside landscaping seemed a child’s play compared to how beautifully the interiors were done. Green with indoor plants, variety of colours with the different flowers, energy-saving lights and lots of sunlight and proper ventilation. Just entering the office made my spirits soar.

And of course, I got jealous of the people who worked there!

So what is office landscaping?

Landscaping is the process of modifying the features of land and making it eye-catching. Landscaping is done with living elements such as flora and fauna. It involves gardening and growing flowers and plants, which make the environment look beautiful. Besides the flora and fauna, landscaping also involves other elements such as:

  • Natural elements: Landforms, terrains, water bodies
  • Human elements: Structures, buildings, fences
  • Material objects
  • Abstract elements: Weather and lighting conditions

How do office plants help in keeping the spirits high?

While commercial landscaping mainly focuses on the area outside the office, office plants that are placed inside the office and near workstations can work wonders for the overall spirit of the workforce.

Office plants are not only good for decorative purposes; they also help in creating positive psychological effects and provide indoor air purification.

Indoor plants, however, require more and constant care as required to outdoor plants. It is because of a simple reason. These plants are not kept in a natural environment, so they need the human touch and care. Keeping indoor plants means keeping in mind many factors such as moisture, light, soil mixture, temperature, humidity, fertilisers, potting and pest control.

Indoor plants in office will not only keep the workforce positive and happy, it will also increase the overall productivity.

So why go for landscaping and indoor plants?

It is true that a healthy and a spirited work environment helps to keep the workforce intact and reduce absenteeism. So where would you rather work: a place that offers more money and no office décor, or a place where the money might be less as compared to others, but the office environment and landscaping is beautifully done?

Office Plants

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Sujoy Chanda is a self-employed Instructional Designer. His hobbies vary from photography to Formula 1 to medieval architecture to reading. Over a career span of nine years, he has worked in various organisations where he has seen a variety of commercial landscaping and the importance of office plants and greenery.

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