Is a Wall Street Journal Subscription Worth the Money?

The Wall Street Journal is universally accepted as the most important publication in the business world.  It’s fair to say that you cannot really consider yourself to be a legitimate business person unless you own your own subscription to the Wall Street Journal – but having said that, you might wonder if the price is really worth the money.  Especially considering that some subscribers simply have the WSJ sitting on their desk as nothing more than a pure status symbol.

It’s possible to answer this question by applying some simple core business strategy: How much time and money will it cost and how much will you get in return.  You might make good use of all the trading advice on stocks and shares, or you could gain inspiration from some of the superb editorial content that highlights what the leading business thinkers are doing at any current time.  That alone could make a Wall Street Subscription extremely valuable to you, your career, and your business.

Different Sections Available in the WSJ

When you open up the Wall Street Journal (sometimes known as the WSJ) you will see three different sections: Politics & Economy, Markets, and Money & Investing.  Each of the sections includes national and international news stories, personal stories, insights into industry, and views that can educate and inform interested investors.  Each new story is told in the context of the economy, so that the financial implications are clear. Using this information wisely, the WSJ should pay for itself.

But the Wall Street Journal goes beyond just covering the news. Each issue also includes profiles and stories of individuals in the business world: their new projects, old projects, experiences, and history. These pieces are invaluable content for a person who is willing to learn from someone else’s mistakes, and be inspired by someone else’s success stories.


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Has a Wide Coverage of Subject Matter

One of the most valuable elements of the Wall Street Journal is the magnitude of the industries it covers. Everything from technology and entertainment products and innovation are represented, and each story is economically relevant and informative. More than that, these pieces are presented so that the content is always accessible regardless of whether it is applicable to the industry you work in and your own expertise.  You can use the WSJ to keep you informed of events in other industries as this will give you an advantage in networking and professional business relationships including future prospects.

If you are still unsure about the strength and validity of the Wall Street Journal, then all you need to do is turn to the Letters to the Editor section.  In here you will often find names of people that you will recognize – including top CEOs, business analysts, economists, and political figures.

Benefits to a WSJ Subscription Deal

Beyond the heavy weight aspects to the WSJ, a subscription also comes with many other benefits.  For example, subscribers are sometimes offered books, conferences, and networking tools on the cheap, and often long before they are ever available to the general public.

There are two different subscription models for the Wall Street Journal – both newspaper print version and an online version.  Many readers do tend to prefer the printed version.  Its portability is irreplaceable, even with the new style PDA screens topping three inches.  It’s not a thick paper and the adverts inside are quite small – the WSJ editors only tend publish the most relevant information for the financial day, so that the paper is not bulky and the content is not overwhelming. Almost every page has an outline, bulleted lists, charts and illustrations to demonstrate all the information.

Want More Information?  For the full range of subscription offers please take time to check this WSJ Deals website – covers the print and digital versions with in-depth coverage of what each offer contains and how it can benefit you as a business person in the 21st century.

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