How Traveling Can Help You Become a Successful Entrepreneur

During my current trip through Southeast Asia I’ve noticed my entrepreneurial skills grow considerably. I’ve developed greater faith in my abilities. I have also become more aggressive and ambitious, seizing prospering opportunities quickly instead of waiting around for things to happen. The massive shift began to occur a number of months into my travels. Why? What inspired me to develop my success consciousness?

I moved out of my comfort zone on a persistent basis. I was introduced to new situations, met different people, embraced different customs and encountered various forms of resistance which forced me to grow. I had no choice. I had to grow, to continue traveling, and since traveling is important to me I chose to be uncomfortable, embrace these moments, and grow quickly as a person and entrepreneur.

The lessons prospered me tremendously as an entrepreneur. I learned how to deal with resistance, gained greater confidence in my abilities and developed a strong, pulsating desire to grow in my entrepreneurial career.

The Curse of Comfort

Before I traveled consistently I worked an office job in New Jersey. 9-5, a few days off a year for vacation, you likely know the drill. I was comfortable but extremely unhappy. Like many around me I was lulled into a false sense of complacency. Of course I could be downsized at any moment but I felt that my checks each Thursday were a given. I felt my income stream would remain steady forever.

Even worse, I became entirely uncomfortable with my living situation. Even though I despised the job and my commute I felt comfortable working in an office, so I stuck around. Not only was I unhappy, I didn’t grow much at all. I never moved into uncomfortable, uncertain situations. I was cursed, until I decided to leave my job and become a world traveler.

My Travels and Growth

By venturing out of your comfort zone you are forced to grow. You become more creative. You believe in yourself, and your abilities, and you naturally set and achieve goals you never would have reached if you were living in a cocoon of comfort. These states of mind compliment your entrepreneurial skill set tremendously.

I need to write to make money online to continue traveling so I set goals to write a specific number of articles daily. I constantly search for new income streams, adding to my current contracts. I received the impulses to act on these ideas by traveling to new areas and encountering new circumstances.

Embracing and Growing

My boyfriend and I recently rented an apartment in the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam. The living space was not as nice as it was billed, and we were very disappointed at first. We also lived in the middle of the most populous neighborhood in Vietnam, where virtually nobody spoke more than a few words of English.

The situation forced me into my uncomfortable zone. I learned to be more aggressive, to communicate with individuals through different means, to be patient, and most of all, to release on the apartment we already paid for even though I felt guilty about it. The renter was a sweet, engaging woman who sensed we were unhappy with our living situation. But we did release, and are currently staying in a nice hotel in the tourist center of Hanoi before heading to Bali next.

If you seek prospering lessons as an entrepreneur, begin to travel. You receive no shortage of situations to grow from.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing her tips and insights based on her personal travel experiences. If you are traveling around the UK, follow the link to find a great selection of cheap hotels in Aberdeen.

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