How To Use A Surface Grinder

You can get a variety of different surface grinders; these can vary in size from a bench surface grinder, 12 inch by 24 inch grinders and 8 inch by 12 inch grinders. But whichever one you are using as long as you understand the basics of surface grinders then you should be fine using all the different sized surface grinders.

Surface grinders are usually used to create a certain surface on a piece of material, usually a smooth surface for machine parts. Surface grinders are now designed to work more computerised rather than with human interference. You should instruct the surface grinder through a computer on what you want it to do then the surface grinder will follow the pattern which you have instructed it to do.


There are some simple instructions which you should follow when using any surface grinder.

Firstly, you should adjust the height valve, this is located on the grinder head and you should try and get it as far away as possible from the magnetized palette.

You should then place the block of metal which you want to be grounded on the magnetized palette.

To ensure that your metal block doesn’t move, you should toggle the palette level which is located near the control panel and is usually marked by a red dot.

You then need to readjust the grinder height; this is because you do not want the grinder to touch the metal block at all. You should approximately move it 2 inches from the surface of the metal block. If it does touch the metal block then this can damage the grinder wheel.

It is now time to activate the grinder. This is done simply by turning the ignition key and pressing the ‘start’ button. The grinder will then start spinning, it is important that you stay back from the surface grinder at this point.

You should watch the surface of the metal and the grinder should eventually grind the block to dust. When the metal surface is smooth and polished then it is time to turn the machine off and remove the piece of metal.

When using a surface grinder you should always take the correct safety precautions to make sure that you are safe when using the machine. You should always wear protective clothing, such as overalls, protective gloves and always wear goggles as you will find often that you can get debris and dust flying from the surface grinder.

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