How To Pick A Great Bespoke Training Company

All successful businesses understand that investing in their staff is essential to remain competitive and to provide a top level service.

However, with so many providers in the market it isn’t always easy to decide what training company to use.

This article provides a guide to the kind of things you should take into account when making your selection.



Of course, the decision about who to use should not be entirely based on who charges the least but in the cut-throat world of business, keeping costs down is often a consideration.

But even if you need the training to be kept as cheap as possible, it is essential that you still get a good return for your money. You may therefore find that the company advertising the cheapest rates has made some compromises on quality.

If you find a training firm that you really like, but need to reduce the price, it is worth exploring whether there is any way to customise the package to make it cheaper. For example at Creativedge bespoke packages are available which mix e-learning with bite-sized 90 minute training sessions. As an alternative to a full day of intensive training, this could not only be less expensive but also work out better for the business.


Training companies are experts in delivering courses and as such, can provide input on the content. Even if you approach a company with a list of what you want, the best providers will work with you to ensure there is nothing you have missed. They may also challenge some of your suggestions!

Paying for a bespoke training service shouldn’t just be about the delivery of content. Included in the price should be consultation time and free advice to make sure the course delivers the results you are looking for.



Even if you find a course with the right content at an acceptable price, if it is delivered in the wrong way your staff will not gain the maximum benefit.

Training delivered simply as a droning lecture will quickly become monotonous, even if the content is interesting. Whilst the trainer will sometimes need to address the whole group, the course should be as interactive and activity-based in order to help the attendees to absorb as much as possible.

Pitching the delivery at the right level is also imperative. If the trainer appears less experienced or knowledgeable than the staff attending, there is little chance of them taking the course seriously. Conversely, if the level is set too high, more junior staff may struggle to keep up. Getting the balance right is therefore very important to make sure your investment is not a waste of time.



Sometimes it is difficult to express the reason why you don’t get a good feeling from some-one but a lack of connection could be a major issue when it comes to purchasing training.

The provider you ultimately select should be flexible and understanding of the needs of your business, and enthusiastic about your products and the message you are looking to convey.

A bespoke training company should be interested in you, your staff and your business; all of these are core essentials to maximise the results of the training. You should not be expected to fit in with rigid rules or requirements without good reason; flexibility is the key to success.

Quite simply, if you do not believe that the training company is showing sufficient interest in your business and instead, just wants to use standardised material, you should think about finding an alternative bespoke course provider.


Training is crucial to allow your staff to continue to develop and drive your business forward, in terms of technical knowledge, creativity, innovation and also not forgetting customer service. A good training company will help motivate your employees to be the best they can be, helping them to achieve their professional goals whilst contributing to the success of the business.

An investment in training is an investment in the growth of your company, and as such should be taken just as seriously as any other business decision. 

Rebecca Walton is a regular writer on business related topics. She advises readers to Visit the website of Creativedge Training to see an example of a bespoke training company.

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