How To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

In the current economic climate the trading conditions for many businesses are very difficult. In order to stand out from your competitors you have to do things a little differently or offer something extra.  One of those ways, which is quite inexpensive, is to supply your products in a branded bag. It can say a lot about your business giving a quality bag to a customer as it can project an image of a superior business. Additionally if the bag is one that can be reused daily this is an added bonus, particularly as your business is obtaining inexpensive advertisements but equally important is playing its part in helping to save the environment.

There are several bag types that are available and the type chosen will normally depend on what purpose it is intended for and also your budget needs to be considered. Below are some of the options with each type.

Paper Bags
These can range from Brown, Kraft and Laminated paper and can include handles of varying design.  Adding your own company name or logo is an option and would be recommended if you are looking to use the bag as promotional material. The paper bags can be of different standard and strength and the choice is determined by their purpose and what you are prepared to spend. Laminated ones are of the highest quality and offer a greater variation in grade and durability.

For a more sustainable type of bag to provide to your customers, a few options are available to consider. The first to take a look at are the cotton/canvas-type bags which prove to be very popular.  Non-woven bags are also very popular and are extremely fashionable and collectable. Jute bags are another type and these are very hard wearing. All these bags are biodegradable which makes them even more attractive to the environmentally conscious. Woven bags are very popular and allow more complex printing which may be more attractive for certain businesses. Although not bio-degradable they are eco bags as they can be used over and over again.


Certain bags are considered as collectable and can often be found listed on eBay. One bag from a famous designer was resold recently for $800 after initially being sold for $15. The possibility of the bag being a rarity and a collectable increases the popularity of the carrier bags.

Overall, new generation carrier bags offer lots of advantages, not only to the individual from a practical aspect but additionally they are a way of helping to protect and preserve the environment.  With the added bonus it gives to business from a marketing perspective, everyone is a winner. They not only look a lot more attractive than a simple plastic bag they can also improve your fashion status. Being seen with the ‘right’ bag is a must for most fashion-conscious people.

Beth Symons doesnt believe in using plastic shopping bags, instead she uses paper shopping bags which are better for the environment, and buys them from

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