How to Find the Best Out of Town Business Locations

This article gives advice to new business owners on how to find the best value industrial property, focussing specifically on out of town locations.

Why Out of Town?

The future of business, whether it is retailing, wholesale, or even where offices are based, is likely to be focussed on out of town locations. In many cases, we are already seeing this happen, with town and city centres becoming more and more deserted seemingly by the day, while retail parks, industrial estates, and out of town office blocks are becoming vibrant hubs of day to day life.

There is an argument that the success of out of town business is what has dragged British High Streets to the point at which they find themselves now.

What has made out of town locations so popular, and what should you look for if considering one for your business?

Ease and Convenience

Whether it be annoying one-way systems, infuriating bus lanes, or traffic lights that never seem to be showing anything other than a red light, driving through a modern city centre can be testing even for those with angelic levels of patience.

Sourcing an out of town location will mean your clients and employees do not have this battle to face on a daily basis, they will arrive at work on time more regularly and generally be happier.

Consider where you are looking for your business unit in relation to a town, however. If you are targeting customers from a particular area, then you need to be as close to that as possible. Finding a unit on a retail or industrial estate on the Eastern side of a city, when clients arrive from the motorway in the West and then have to drive through or around the city to reach you, is probably not the best idea.


Costs for buying or hiring industrial out of town properties are still relatively low. However locations where there is a big attraction, such as a supermarket, will be slightly more expensive. Consider taking on a property in these locations if you feel you are well placed to take advantage of the additional business opportunities that will come your way due to being in such a great location. Other premium locations, such as airports and sea ports, should ideally be avoided unless you are a wholesale business and can afford such a position in the longer term.

Will Town Centres Bounce Back?

For now, it would appear that town centres have had their day, with developers looking at many more opportunities away from traditional focal points such as these. Business owners can be relatively comfortable with entering into long term obligations with regards to industrial properties.


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