How To Create The Perfect Market Stall

There’s no doubt that markets are fashionable these days. From the crowd that gathers at Borough Market every weekend throughout, to pop-up markets at festivals and Christmas time, the British public is certainly used to making regular purchases from market stalls.

Saying that, markets are usually hectic and the crowds can obscure even the most well-designed signage or decor. You need to make your stall stand out, literally, from the crowd.


Know your marketing strategy

Those running a market stall may not always be concerned with their target audience, assuming that the sheer quantity of traffic will guarantee sales. This is most definitely not true. If you travel around with your market stall on different days of the week or different times of year, you’ll need to change your prices, sales pitch and decor accordingly.

Knowing what your customers will be at the market for means you can make your offerings more irresistible to them. Only once you’ve worked out how to give them what they want, can you begin to create the stall itself…

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Build it to last

No matter how sturdy you think your structure is going to be, step it up a notch. Even if it won’t have to withstand extreme weather conditions, it will have to put up with being knocked, bumped into and leaned on. A tough folding table or trestle table is key.



This one’s a bit sneaky, but can win you extra customers at outdoor markets – especially festivals. Create a walk-in stall with a non-leaky roof, and people will come to shelter from the elements – and naturally browse your goods whilst there!


Have somewhere to sit

Whether you work the markets for just one week at Christmas, one day every week, or five days a week all year round; you’ll need somewhere to sit. No-one can go an entire working day (and a working day on a market is often far longer than your usual 9-5) without at least a compulsion to sit down. So don’t forget to pack those folding chairs.

Shout about your offerings and prices

Make your offerings clear from a distance. The last thing you should be doing is putting your best sellers at the back or not shouting about them. Similarly, make your prices clear, especially if you are selling similar products as nearby stalls. If your price is higher, you still need to display them clearly. You’ll just need to sell it better – with more compelling descriptions and a more eye-catching design.


It’s all about the look

No-one’s going to deny that the single best way to grab attention in a crowd is by eye-catching design that draws attention to your product. Just don’t go too far down the route of creating quirky displays that detract from what you’re selling – people at a market are often just passing through, or just browsing, so you want to draw attention to your product as quickly as possible.

As important as the look of the stall is the look of the person selling.  Make sure your attire fits your marketing strategy by considering what kind of person your customers will want to engage with and buy from.


Stay well stocked

How many minimalist market stalls have you ever seen? None? Well, that’s because the nature of the business means you need to put a much on display as you can – and keep it there. Make sure you give yourself the chance to restock when things go flying off the shelves.


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