How to Create a Winning Investment Strategy

Whether playing an online game or investing your money in real life, there are a number of ways in which individuals can build themselves a winning investment strategy. We have to say that, when it comes to investing, there is no specific right way or wrong way, and no one way that will always guarantee to make you successful.

Building a winning investment strategy takes into account a whole range of factors with one overall aim: getting out with a positive return. We looked at some of the things to consider when building your own personal investment strategy.

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Specific or General?

Depending on how you plan to invest, you will either want to invest generally with a view to making a return, or look at specific sectors. When it comes to specific sector investing, try to stick to those that you have a little knowledge about and will be able to make educated decisions around. It is often too easy to be drawn into investing in a particular area just because “the returns are great.”

High returns potential generally means high risk, and if you adopt a cavalier attitude you will find that out the hard way!

Learn to Read

Reading investment charts is a little bit like checking out form for horseracing. You know the information is important, but tend to look at it blankly without ever really understanding what it means.

If you can teach yourself how to read financial charts and information, you will find it much easier to get on board with winning investments. Learn how to read a chart to understand the best times to buy and, even more crucially, the best times to sell, so that you can maximise all of your investment returns.

Know Your Limits

Before doing anything involving finances, you should know what you are looking to spend. If you are committing money to a private equity fund, then put in what you want initially, and then leave it there. If you use an online trading platform, ensure you have it set up so that you can automatically sell or stop if you lose a certain amount.

It is easy to be drawn in by attractive looking, high numbers, but very difficult to deal with the repercussions of being financially irresponsible. Ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Find Resources

Although you will understandably want to build your own investment patterns, it is always worth picking up top tips from those who have been successful in the industry. If you are using a private equity fund then you will have a wealth of experience to help you, while if you are going it alone, for example online, you should make use of blogs, infographics, social media and emailing lists in order to glean as much advice as you possibly can.

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