How To Avoid Accidents In A Warehouse

Working in a warehouse can be dangerous so if you’re about to embark on warehouse work for the first time it’s essential that you consider your health and safety and the health and safety of others.

When you start your job find out who your health and safety officer is make sure that you are informed about any essential health and safety policies you should know about.

You should also be aware of safety basics to avoid unnecessary accidents. Read on to learn about the most common warehouse dangers and how you can keep yourself safe.

Fire Safety

Before you start work in your warehouse make sure you are aware of the fire safety procedure. Your warehouse should have a designated fire office (who will probably also be the health and safety officer) who will explain to you what you should do in the event of a fire.

To avoid fire, never use a naked flame in your warehouse and make sure that any flammable materials are kept away from heat sources.

Slips and Trips

When you work in a warehouse you not only have to consider your own safety but also the safety of the people you work with. Make sure that you always tidy up after yourself to avoid causing anyone to trip or fall. Cables should be kept neat and boxes should be kept off the floor where possible.

If you cause a spillage make sure you inform someone immediately. If you need to go and get equipment to clean up the spill than ask a colleague to stay close while you’re away so they can warn other workers.

If you’re left with a wet floor after a cleanup then place a wet floor sign in the area to make sure you don’t cause anyone to slip over.

Manual Handling

If you are working in the warehousing industry then you will probably be lifting and handling goods. If you have been advised not to lift any items then don’t, use a lifting tool like a fork lift. Make sure you’ve been properly trained before you use any machinery like this.

If you are lifting items yourself always bend from the knee and don’t carry more than you can manage.

Shelf Stacking

A badly stacked shelf which then collapses can cost your warehouse thousands in damaged goods, but more importantly it can cause serious injury and even death to workers.

Never be tempted to over stack shelves and always follow the guidelines set out for you by your employers.

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Wear the Correct Clothing

If your job requires you to wear safety clothing such as hard hats, visibility vests or steel toe capped toe-boots then you must wear them. Not only will they help keep you safer, but if you are found not to have been wearing safety clothing and you have an accident, you could find that you won’t receive sick pay and could even be sued by your company.

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