How to attract a sell-out crowd at your next event

This post answers the following questions

1) What are the helpful guidelines that will assist you in accomplishing the maximum capacity?
2) Why should you build a strong network on your social site?
3) What is one of the most cost effective ways to create a buzz about your event?
4) How to catch the attention of your target audience?
5) Where should you host your events?

It can be a daunting task trying to attract people to any event.

Whether you are a blogger, business owner, or an individual with an event to promote you can spread the word by utilising a number of techniques. Below are some helpful guidelines that will assist you in accomplishing the maximum capacity.

Social networking

Social networking is one of the most cost effective ways to create a buzz about your event.

Most of these sites are free to register which means that if you have a limited budget, it can be a great tool for you to utilise.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter will help you advertise without any problems or money.

Here are some useful tips that you should implement:

  • Build a strong network on your social site. This will help you extend to a larger audience
  • Prepare people for the event. Try to post the event at least 3 weeks in advance. However be cautious not to post too early or too late. For smaller events, post just 2 weeks before the event.
  • Be sure to add a RSVP so that you are aware of the number of attendees so that you can cater appropriately.
  • A few days before the event, send a follow-up reminder to all the attendees to re-ignite the buzz.


One of the most popular choices to make a big impression and announcement are banners.

Well-designed banners can catch the attention of your target audience and encourages them to take immediate action.

When designing banners, remember some of these valuable tips:

  • Create a logo for the event. The social event logo will provide the identity of your event.
  • Use a catchy title. By keeping the txt bold, not only are you giving a brief line of the event, but it will also grab their attention.
  • Be unique. Try to create something that is new fresh and innovative.

Location, Location, Location

Never underestimate the power of a venue. It is no secret that a certain place will attract a certain crowd.

When deciding where to host your events take a minute to consider your guests. Consider the transportation alternatives, and timing of travel from a variety of locations. It may be easy for them to get to the event from the office, but what about after the event? Not everyone will have a car and be able, or willing, to travel far.

Stay connected

The facts that people have attended your event, the chances are they may want to attend another.

Although there are no assured ways to keep your guests engaged after the event, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Ask your guests for feedback. You can then use this information and implement them at your next event.
  • Connect people during and after the event.
  • Create social networking pages for the attendees to build a community around your event. This can also be used to notify them about future events.
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