How Can Businesses Thrive In Out Of Town Locations?

Moving Out Of Town

The first group to move their business into an out of town location was probably the DIY superstores, very closely followed by the supermarkets. These retail categories understood that by offering their ranges in a large space they could generate greater revenues and profits by bringing customers to their doors from far and wide.

In recent years there has been a vast acceleration in the number of businesses shifting to out of town locations. Prominent UK brands, such as Mothercare and Next, are moving away from opening high street stores in order to open larger units which are more attractive to many customers.

Business And Retail Parks

The increasing number of industrial units to let means that retail and business parks are becoming more prominent across the UK. In many locations, they are now seen as the primary destination for shopping and are taking customers away from the already struggling high street scene.

One of the main attractions that come from industrial units to let is that many locations are enhanced by the presence of a major brand. There is hardly a retail park in the country that is now without one of the top supermarkets, in addition to other major brands. Although industrial units to let in these locations can prove to be an expensive commodity, there is no doubt that in the long term they can deliver huge gains in terms of customer footfall and ultimately greater levels of revenue and profit.

Industrial Advantages

Many industrial units to let are also easily converted into office space. This has many repercussions for modern businesses in the UK. Take storage businesses as an example, they are able to have a vast office area at the front of their unit, while utilising the rest of the industrial unit for their primary business needs.

Such is the popularity of mezzanine flooring in buildings, and the relative ease through which these can be installed, industrial units have quickly became attractive options as headquarters for solely office based businesses, such as outbound call centres and customer service centres. Having these locations situated out of town can make it much easier for employees to get in and out of work, as they are not spending lengthy time parking or enduring public transport into busy city centres.

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The benefits of industrial units to let are many, explore the possibilities for your business and see your organisation begin to thrive.

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