How Best To Deal with Debt Collectors

Most people deal with debt collectors in a hostile manner. This is probably because of their embarrassment or simply because they do not want to pay the overdue bill. But remember that delaying the payment process and having and conversing rudely with the debt collectors may just worsen the situation. Some may even use your behavior as an excuse to harass you. So, no matter how you disdain communicating with the collectors, you must try to cooperate and handle conversations with them well enough.

Most debt collectors will surely speak in an articulate manner, so do not be intimidated with their tone of voice and manner of speech. Be confident when talking with them. Aside from that, arm yourself by reading about the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Know the statute of limitation in your state and see if the credit being collected from you is within the limitations. Ask politely for validation of your debt report, do this in writing and be sure that the debt collector will send you receipt of it. If you are uncomfortable or inconvenienced with the debt collector calling you from time to time, you may request that the collector should only contact you by mail or email. Under the law, the collector and his/her agency must grant your request. Be sure to check again for receipt of your letter.


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After which, you may want to start liquidating some of your assets or make an assessment of how much can you afford to pay off your debt. Then, ask for debt settlement with your debt collector. It is fine to offer a lower amount of money than the actual debt you have incurred because most debt collection agency may have purchased your delinquent account in a low rate. Try hard but not harshly, to make the debt collector accept your settlement offer. Upon the collector’s agreement, make him/her put it into writing and have a copy of it. Contact the debt collector again request that other unpaid accounts you have on them must be written off and should not be passed on to another debt collection agency.

Lastly, what is important here is that you should be calm when dealing with debt collectors. Be sure to know your rights too and how to use them well, and make sure that you have a receipt on every letter you send to the debt collector or to the agency as this will then guarantee that no debt collector will hassle you again.

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