How An Entrance Mat Can Save Your Business Time And Money

If you operate business premises, keeping them clean and tidy will be one of your priorities.

After all, a muddy entrance or dirty corridor can create a negative impression to your visitors, clients and staff.

Given the frequency of rain, the likelihood of moisture mixing with dust and dirt to create unsightly muddy patches and footprints in your building is high. And once it does, you’ll need to get it cleaned up fast before it turns into a health and safety hazard.

Luckily there is a very simple solution you can employ to reduce this mess and decrease the risk of a costly slip.

You can fit an entrance mat and here are three reasons why…

1. Improve the appearance of your entrance area:

A properly fitted, robust and durable entrance mat will trap the water, dust and dirt that have accumulated on the feet of your visitors.

It means that instead of spreading randomly over your floor, mud and dirt will remain relatively invisible and constricted to one area – the mat.

The result – it makes the job of keeping the entrance area and surrounding corridors clean significantly easier and much less time expensive.

2. Reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls:

The OSHA estimate that slips and trips cost the US around $11 billion per year (source:

The individual cost to your business in the event of a fall will vary but could include lost productivity as a result of absenteeism and even an expensive lawsuit.

As you know, whilst people are on your business premises you have a duty of care to protect them. As such you need to do what you can to minimise the risk of accidents.

As well as looking unsightly, water and mud on the floor of your premises is dangerous because it presents a slip hazard. The risk of slips and falls increase with rain because there is a higher possibility that water and moisture will accumulate on the floor of your office building or shop.

It’s a problem that you can takes steps to prevent…

If you have the right sized entrance mat in place, people will be encouraged to wipe their feet when they enter your building. As a result, a significant amount of the moisture on their shoes will collect in the mat. It means the likelihood of water spreading onto your polished marble or hardwood floor reduces along with the risk of falls.

3.      Protect your floor:

Floor coverings are not cheap as so it makes sense to invest in products that can increase the longevity and appearance of your floor. Over time your floor will degrade through wear and tear. In addition it can get scratched or damaged if items are dragged along it or dropped onto it.

If you have an entrance mat in place, you can reduce the amount of debris that is brought into the building which in turn could make your floor last longer.

How are you saving your business time and money with a properly fitted entrance mat?

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