How A Leaf Mulcher Can Save A Landscaping Business Time And Money

Selecting the right equipment helps landscapers to save time and money when performing a job. One problem that often takes up a large amount of time is clearing a property of fallen waste, brush clippings, and other debris. Raking up the waste is time consuming and results in significant amounts of unusable organic debris. A leaf mulcher is a simple tool that will convert yard waste into a usable and compact material. An even more effective system combines a vacuum with the mulcher so that workers do not need to feed waste manually into a freestanding unit. These vacuum and mulcher combinations provide a number of benefits.

Tow-behind Mulcher and Vacuum
A tow-behind mulcher and vacuum will attach to nearly any standard riding mower. Workers can drive in organized rows across a large property clearing waste with each pass. This gives a single person the ability to clear a large yard or groomed area in a fraction of the time it would take to rake the grass and run the leaves through a separate unit. The increased speed lowers labor costs and makes it possible to complete more jobs in a single day.
Landscapers who do not use or need mulch must load the yard waste into a truck and dispose of the material at a municipal site. Leaves, twigs and cuttings take up excess space in bags and trucks because of the volume of air between the pieces. Running the debris through a mulcher creates smaller shreds that are more compact. This will allow a much larger volume of waste into a smaller area. The mulched materials reduce the number of trips to the drop off site and will lower any costs associated with disposal.

Mulch Matters

Mulch is an important part of many landscaping projects. It provides protection for plants and trees during the winter, helps to retain moisture in the soil during the summer and fights soil-borne diseases throughout the year. Landscaping companies that use mulch will find that a leaf mulcher saves the business money every year. The leaves that are converted into mulch on a job site are immediately usable as an organic resource. Extra mulch added to a working compost pile will break down quickly for the next season because of the increased surface area. This will save money buying pre-made mulch and compost from suppliers.

A leaf mulcher and vacuum combination gives landscapers the opportunity to convert seemingly insignificant waste from a job into a real resource that will save money on supplies each year. The units are inexpensive when compared to separate pieces of equipment and require very little maintenance each year. Mulchers are an invaluable tool for anyone in the landscaping business, or even for a homeowner with a big yard and plenty of yardwork to do.

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