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With the business world becoming a multi-lingual place we all need to be aware how important translation services are
Don’t get caught out during important business meetings or other essential international transactions. Using a translator could be the best investment you’ve ever made; they are completely fluent in their chosen language and can be the perfect solution when it comes to checking over contracts and vital documents.

Translators are extremely popular and used worldwide for many reasons. The more languages a translator can speak, read, write and communicate fluently, the better. Throughout the business world, more and more companies are becoming multi-national and have offices or branches across the globe.

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It is vitally important to ensure that communication between branch to branch and work colleague to colleague continues and is maintained at a high standard. Businesses can learn a huge amount from other cultures in terms of procedures and processes to enable global success.

Employing a translator is paramount to enable smooth communication between different staff or potential clients. It is also massively important when it comes to reading and understanding contracts that need to be signed. Some countries also have a different accent within the same country – therefore matching the correct translator to the job is vitally important. Discussions on your requests are thus sometimes necessary to ensure the correct level of service is chosen.

There are a number of different translation services available depending if it is a one off service or a service that is required for a certain length of time or even a more regular occurrence, for example:

Audio and video transcripts – this service allows for translation from tape, videos or MP3 files into a language of your choice. They can also be translated into Braille.

Subtitling – this allows the words of your chosen language to be placed at the bottom of a TV programme or advert. This replaces the need for voiceovers. It allows both the original language audience and the subtitle audience to watch.

Multilingual Voiceovers – otherwise known as dubbing, this is usually lip-synced for TV work but also works for theatre and radio. For example, a TV programme or radio advert that needs to be translated into another language. Here a voiceover in the specific language you want can be played in place of the original language it was recorded in.

Web translations – this service will translate a language on a website into your language of choice, not only in terms of word translation but also cultural translation.

If you are in the private sector, public service, legal or medical sector; no matter what kind of translation service you require, there is help available and a package to suit you.

This article was written by Stefania Sorrenson who is a specialist in language translation, on behalf of www.world-translations.com

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