Growing a Medical Practice

The goal of a physician with a private practice of his or her own is to have a satisfied clientele and patients who will send friends and family to the practice. Methods with a proven track record for success are not complicated and are easily accomplished.



If your practice consists strictly of a specific medical specialty, such as orthopedics or gynecology, it is beneficial to contact local area family and general practitioners in your town. Making inroads in this way could keep a steady stream of new patients heading through your doors. Many family physicians are quite receptive on the issue of sending their own patients who are in need of specialty care to specific doctors dedicated to treating their patient’s condition.


Placing print ads in a local newspaper, developing a professional website and/or airing an ad introducing yourself on your local television stations are important parts of putting your name out here and drawing new patients into your practice.

Contract with Many Insurers

Those who carry health insurance are limited to seeking treatment from in-network providers. Naturally, this means by accepting more forms of insurance, you become more likely to attract more patients. Also, make sure that you fees are fairly priced. Even with insurance, it is unlikely that any given patient will not see some kind of out-of-pocket expense to pay related to office visits to your practice.

Be Sincere and Show Concern

Patients want a doctor who shows kindness and compassion. They also appreciate it when they feel their physician is actually concerned about their health and well-being. Make sure when you ask about a patient and what they are concerned about. The person at your front desk, all the way up to the nurses and medical assistants who order tests and medication, all need to be polite to the clients. Many people choose not to return to a physician based upon the way the staff treated them.

Offer Reminders

About a week prior to an appointment, mailing out a small reminder postcard is a nice thought that most patients will appreciate a great deal. These reminders show that you care about the patient and their health. They like to feel that keeping them healthy is your primary goal.

No matter what kind of practice it is, helping it grow takes time and patience. Following the advice offered here can get you going the right way for the long-term success of your practice.

Jerry is a senior programmer for a company that creates medical imaging software. Visit his website today to download a free DICOM viewer.

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