Great Places to Take a Business Associate Out for Dinner

When looking to clinch that latest business deal one of the most daunting tasks could actually be choosing a setting to hold the decisive meeting.  While some will prefer to conduct all business in the office, others like to bring a more relaxed tone to the table and this could involve a trip to one of the local restaurants.  Fortunately, even though some still regard Northampton as a small market town, the region does possess some excellent eating facilities.  Moreover, many of these are completely suitable for a business discussion and offer the sophistication and food quality that one desires in such a situation.  The fact there are so many serviced apartments in Northampton also improves the situation, with many business people travelling over from other areas to hold discussions with local establishments, before crashing at one of the many apartment options.

Following on from the above, I’ll now move on to some of the best establishments in Northampton for business purposes.

Les Olives

For those looking to provide a homely setting for their meeting a trip to Tapas outlet Les Olives could be on the agenda.  The fact that some guests have compared the Tapas quality to Barcelona speaks volumes although despite this Les Olives doesn’t carry big price tags meaning you won’t blow your whole business deal on your clinching meal!


For those looking to add a little spice to their meeting a meal at Indian restaurant LaZeez could be suggested.  LaZeez is kitted out with an impressively modern design, with the lighting of the restaurant providing a sophisticated atmosphere.  Even though the restaurant also has a take-away section, don’t let that fool you into thinking that LaZeez is some sort of fast food fix.  Instead, the food is of absolutely impeccable quality while the service of the waiters is pleasant enough to impress any associate.

The Saracens Head

Those looking to charm their clients could take to The Saracens Head for a spot of lunch.  While the exterior of this facility does look very much like a pub, their main speciality is food and they actually serve up an extremely high-class menu.  It would be fair to say that the menu isn’t quite as extensive as other options, but the small number of meals that are available are extremely tasty and come recommended from a host of past customers.  With timber beams lining the interior of the building, The Saracens Head is certainly a traditional option and could appeal to many business diners.


As the name of this suggestion may indicate Sorrentinos is an Italian restaurant that has also forged an extremely reputable status in Northampton.  Based on Gold Street right in the centre of the town, the restaurant is located perfectly for those business clients who wish to utilise some of the area’s accommodation if they are staying for more than a night.  The food offerings in Sorrentinos are second to none and with it being one of the more expensive food outlets in the town few will be surprised that it generally attracts an upmarket clientele.

The Sheaf Inn

Even though the business customer is stereotypically regarded as having a specific taste when it comes to restaurants, some will be more than happy with the traditional option of The Sheaf Inn.  Run by a local couple the restaurant also houses a thriving pub and this makes the atmosphere extremely friendly.  There is a decent range of home-cooked food and if you are looking to introduce someone to the typical sights of Northampton, what could be better than showing them one of the most seasoned outlets in the town.


Again the name may give away some clues with this restaurant with Borjia being something of a unique outlet in Northampton.  It offers a superb English cuisine and is set in a modern atmosphere with friendly staff.  Moreover, the prices are quite low, meaning that you won’t have to charge too much to your expenses account!

It is clear to see that Northampton really does have a lot to offer in the business market and there are more than enough restaurants to satisfy yours and your client’s needs.  Moreover, with so many Northampton serviced apartments in the vicinity, it means that clients can wine and dine for an evening without the added pressure of driving back to their home town.

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