Got a New Office? Here is 3 Things You Must Get

My new office is empty. As of yet I haven’t had a chance to haul filing cabinets and swivel chairs up the stairs, and honestly, I’m dreading it. Putting the same furniture into a bigger room? So boring! It’s about time I redecorated.

Redecorating seems like an insurmountable task: painting walls, buying furniture, putting everything into its proper order…it could take weeks! But first things, first, what do I need in my office?

New furniture

Yes. This includes chairs, tables, filing cabinets. Everything. But before choosing the perfect storage solutions for you, choose a colour scheme. Does that sound silly? Well it isn’t. It’s important to have a cohesive aesthetic. Everything in the office should look like it belongs there, not like your university share house. Every piece of furniture should add to the overall look and feel.

office furnitures

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Gadgets and technology

Yes it’s time to choose your computer. Your computer, your printer, your photocopier. It’s time to buy a few spare light bulbs and make the space into a place of work. Look at the entire range of office equipment before deciding whether a Mac or a PC is right for your business. They need to suit your needs. And remember, you’ll need a fridge and a microwave for mid-afternoon snacks!

A Little Spark

This is the colour scheme we were talking about before. This is what makes your office a pleasant environment. A little bit of colour, a little bit of flair. Scatter framed photos of your kids on your desk. Hang a beautiful landscape painting on the wall. It will give the room a more comforting homely feel. Sure there’s such a thing as too many knick-knacks, but strike a balance between functional and oh so twee.

Redecorating your office should be fun! It’s hard work, sure, but fun. Remember to also have all the little things you can pick up at any office supplies store. You’ll need paper clips and an entire storage room full of pens. You’ll need staplers and paper. But once you have all these essentials in your new or old space, it’ll start looking more a) like an office and b) like somewhere you wouldn’t mind spending your weekday afternoons. It might even look chic and inspiring.

Lena Perry has too much office space. Crows Nest might have been a better fit – it’s time for her to get back on the phone with Tim Green Commercial!

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