Getting The Most From Your Self Storage

Packaging items correctly and how to make the most of the space you have

Self-storage is an economical way of storing your items.  Most storage companies will charge by the size of the storage unit, so to ensure you get the best value for money you should take some time to consider how you pack your items not only to ensure you make best use of the space but to also ensure that your items are protected.

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You may think that large furniture will be easy to store as it requires virtually no packing. However, if you plan to store items for than a few weeks or more you should consider using covers to protect your items. Consider placing your furniture on mats or plastic sheeting to help protect from damp.

If you have particularly large pieces of furniture then consider taking them apart; items such as bed posts and table legs can be easily removed and refitted when needed but by making the shape of your item less awkward you can pack further items around them more easily.  If you are unable to remove table legs wrap the top of the table in old blankets and store it upside down, you can then pack other lighter items on the underside of the table and around the legs.

Make use of any drawers or wardrobes, they are valuable storage space. Don’t remove clothes or bedding and store these separately as you will be wasting valuable space.

Depending on the style of sofas you may be able to store them on their ends, meaning you are using less floor space. Armchairs can usually be stored by flipping them upside down and sitting in on an upright armchair. You may wish to remove the seat cushions and store them on top of the upturned chair to avoid damage.
Plan your van loading sensibly and pack all the large items last so that they are the first to be removed when you reach your storage unit. All large items should be stored at the back of the unit as this will allow you easier access when you return.

Before packing any glass or tableware it’s important to line the bottom of the box – bubble wrap, scrunched up newspaper or old towels/clothes/bedding will be fine.  Wrap each item before placing in the box (again newspaper will be fine) to give further protection.

Mark the box as fragile and keep all fragile boxes to one side so you can carefully place them in the van/storage unit without other boxes on top. Again, the inside of large items such as drawers, wardrobes, fridge, freezer and washing machine can us used to store delicate items.

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If you are storing your freezer or fridge make sure that it is fully defrosted and clean before packing it.  Ideally you should do this a couple of days before the move. When you leave it in storage leave the door slightly ajar to prevent the build-up of mould. You should also ensure that your washing machine is completely drained before moving it.

This blog was written by Keith Guest, a customer advisor at storage liverpool

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