Fresh Monday Work Motivation Tips That Last for the Week

When it comes to Mondays, a certain lasagne-eating cat sure echoes most people’s ill feelings about the day. Work motivation is a difficult thing to gather on Mondays, more so than any other weekday at least. However just as any challenge we require overcoming, you need not rely on work motivation posters; there are measured steps anyone can take to ease into the new week with ease.

Breakfast of Champions

The first step to cultivate a maximum amount of work motivation and job satisfaction is to start the day off with a good breakfast. This is especially important for a Monday as it sets the precedent for the rest of the week. When we’re talking breakfast however, we’re not talking a simple bowl of porridge. Make an effort to spoil yourself on nutrition and something tasty. Wake up an hour earlier and spend that time on preparing whatever makes you most happy; bacon and eggs or an English muffin with a savoury side. Never underestimate the ability food has to make someone feel fresh, happy and of course enable the very definition of work motivation.

Always Be Prepared

The next step, in theory, is a work motivation step that should be taken before Monday morning. Spend a little extra time on Sunday evening preparing the next day. If you wake up and spend half an hour stressed out of your mind looking for that misplaced report, you’re going to have a bad day. Find what you need beforehand and prepare it for the next morning. So when you’ve warmed your belly on some tasty nutritious food, you need only pick up your package and walk out the door; a great start to the day and week.

Get the Blood Flowing

Before your breakfast even, it’s healthy albeit a challenge to get some exercise in but a short-term discomfort can lead to a week-long feeling of accomplishment. Part of our work motivation techniques is the ability to set aside 20 minutes on your Monday morning to simply do some spinning, cardio or something fairly simple. The idea is to get the blood flowing earlier in the morning so that you are not only awake but also sharp as a nail. The feeling of a warm shower after a workout on a Monday morning is definitely something that’s going to make you feel good about the day.

Disconnect to Reconnect

The final piece of advices is to stay unplugged; we all tend to rush for our laptops or cellular to check messages but putting that off and simply relaxing in silence with your breakfast and coffee will do wonders for your blood pressure. ‘Work mode can initiate when work hours have’ and that’s a work motivational quote you can bank on. With just a little bit of life motivation your work motivation will come easily and all you need to do to make your Monday better than any Garfield has ever had is set aside a hour of time for yourself.

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