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Shelving systems are used throughout industry and the commercial sector to house stock, store manufactured items and for display purposes. There is a wide variety of these systems suitable for a range of different purposes. Some of these include:

Box systems
Where would we be without the ubiquitous box? Boxes have been used for centuries as a preferred storage method. Just about anything can be put in a box and when the lid fitted hidden away from view. Really Useful Boxes are a modern way of storing anything you wish. They are usually supplied in a clear transparent material and each has a removable lid. Modern funky box colours are also widely available and can work really well if the box is on show, however for classic storage situations when the user wants to see the contents within the box, a clear transparent solution works best. Transparent boxes can store things such as office suspension files, CDS, DVDs and in fact just about anything you can think of. Most designs have easy to carry handles fitted so the boxes can be transported with no trouble.


Chrome shelving bays
Chrome shelving bays are easy to assemble and are the perfect way to store things in a commercial or industrial setting. The chrome shelves can be added to with extra fittings whenever you want and the wire shelves can support heavy loads. As well as standard straight shelves, sloping shelves are also available so you can show off your goods, and shelving accessories such as hanging rails, single and double hooks and back stops can add to the shelves usability.

Heavy duty steel shelving
This type of shelving is commonly used in industry to store heavy items. The shelves come in a wide range of lengths and are usually supplied with some form of wooden decking so that heavy items can be placed on them safely. It’s common for these types of shelving units to be bolted to the floor so most come with pre-drilled feet for his purpose.

Louvered panels and bins
If you’ve ever been into a factory stores area you’ll be familiar with louvered panels and storage bins. These storage bins come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and clip into the panels easily. Storage bins are the perfect way to store small components such as electrical items or mechanical spares and are even available in a wide range of different colours. The labelling system on the front of these bins is an easy way you can integrate this storage system into your current asset management system.

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