Top 10 Trading Mistakes To Avoid

Making mistakes is a part of the trading process. The traders who are the most successful learn from their mistakes and then implement a different strategy. The most successful traders are not the ones who make no mistakes, but the ones who make the least mistakes. Being a successful trader makes it possible to earn a lucrative living and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Successful traders can easily get car financing if they choose, or they can opt to pay in cash. The following is a list of trading mistakes to avoid:


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Avoid These Common Mistakes to become a successful trader:

1. Never follow the crowd. By the time everyone gets in on a stock, the opportunity for profits is already gone. When trading, it is always best to be a leader instead of a follower.

2. Don’t reverse your position. If your position is wrong, do not make a 180 degree turn. Instead, get out and rest your trading before taking a different position.

3. Try not to pick tops or bottoms. Let the market decide which way it wants to go and only take an active position when a top or bottom has been formed.

4. Remain objective and avoid losing your cool. Successful traders can remain objective and avoid trading with their emotions. Emotional reactions are probably the single most destructive thing to a sound trading strategy, so try to keep them under control.

5. Don’t wait too long before pulling your trigger. Procrastinating and being timid are not qualities that top traders possess. They react automatically and courageously to market conditions and rely on their judgment. If you are afraid to trust your instincts you may be better off with a safer investment.

6. Let your losses run. Don’t be afraid to admit if you have made a bad trade. Before making your first trade decide at what point to get out if a trade turns bad and then stick with that decision.

7. Don’t avoid stop orders. Using stop orders can protect you against disastrous losses and they should be used on all trades. Make sure not to place them too tightly or you will be out of the market before it gets a chance to move.

8. Avoid greed at all costs. Many traders make the mistake of staying in the market too long because they think they can get rich all at once. If you have made a handsome profit, get out and enjoy your good fortune.

9. Don’t trade in too many markets at the same time. It can be tempting to spread yourself thin but it can also mean that you are a master of none. Becoming thoroughly familiar with one or two markets is the fastest way to profits.

10. Avoid being lazy and not doing your homework. Trading is hard work and the best traders study charts and follow market news closely so they can always be informed and up-to-date. To be among the trading elite you have to thoroughly understand what you are doing.

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