Steps for Organizing A Casino Night Fundraiser

A casino night party is a great way for you to unwind and bond with your friends and relatives. It is usually characterized by fun and laughter while engaged in a host of games. Other features that are normally witnessed during a casino night include decorations, dealers, food and fake money among others. The fun associated with casino nights has seen its popularity skyrocket among many adults. When you initiate such an event, do not be surprised to see a lot of people turn up to attend it.

You can bank on the popularity of casino night parties to initiate a fundraiser. This could be extremely helpful in instances where you are looking to donate money for a worthy cause. Nevertheless, the success of the event will be hugely dependent on the preparations that you put in place. It is necessary that you strategize beforehand to ensure that any hitches do not occur. The planning process involves the following steps:

· Step 1: Seek permission

Your casino event must be conducted within the confines of the law. This necessitates the importance of seeking the consent of the gambling commission in your state. If permitted, you can hold the event at any place that you desire. You could also get the assistance of party dealers to ensure that everything moves smoothly during the casino night.

· Step 2: Laying out of all details

Next, you should think about all the activities of the night. This includes selecting an appropriate venue complete with the relevant equipments. You can enlist the help of your friends and relatives in arranging the tables and chairs at the event. Alternatively, you can seek professional help in conducting this activity. At this stage, you should also start creating publicity for your casino night fundraiser.

· Step 3: Create a list of casino games

You should then draw up a list of the casino games that will feature during the fundraiser. Luckily, there are many casino games that could provide entertainment and raise funds concurrently. Examples include poker, blackjack, roulette, keno and slot machines among others. These games would also need the appropriate equipment, which you could purchase or hire at a fee.


· Step 4: Selling tickets

After selecting the casino games, it is time to provide participants with tickets to the event. Selling these tickets is one of the ingenious ways of raising funds for your worthy cause. The price of the tickets could be hinged upon the costs involved in buying food, drinks and other activities. Another option would be to allow participants to buy-in to the various games on offer. Either way, you would still create some extra revenue for your charitable activities.

· Step 5: Seek sponsors

Sourcing for sponsors is another way of raising funds during a casino night. Some businesses may be willing to sponsor your casino night event in return for using it to create publicity. This form of publicity could involve emblazoning their logos across your casino tables and at the event.

· Step 6: Exchanging play money for real money

During the event, you can exchange the real money for play money. You could then direct the real money towards your charitable cause. On the other hand, you can avail various prizes for the winners. These prizes can only be redeemed through real money.

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