How To Switch A Gas Provider And Save Money?

Not so long ago, one of the UK’s largest energy supplying companies SSE announced a 10% gas price increase, that will happen on 15th of October, 2012. Npower and EDF Energy have not yet released any announcements, but I’m sure they will follow. According to a recent research, an average family of 2 can save up to £200 per year on gas, just by choosing a better deal. The question is – are you getting the best deal in your area? If you are feeling like you are overpaying your gas provider a lot of money, then perhaps it is time for you to look into changing your energy supplier.

Some people are clueless about the fact that you can switch your gas provider easily (if you did not sign any contracts obviously) and there is a high chance that there is an energy provider in your area offering lower tariffs than your current supplier. The bottom line is, if you are tired of receiving high gas bills, I would strongly recommend you to consider changing your gas supplier.

Switching your gas supplier is easy. Pipes remain and the only difference is – price! The truth is, energy market stopped being a monopoly and a lot of new companies are stepping into this market. Quite oftentimes these smaller companies offer lower tariffs when compared to the rest of the companies. It is also common for them to offer all kinds of promotions and discounts to their new customers. Some of these smaller companies also push their customers into signing a long-term contract with them and I would try to stay away from those.

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To find out how much you currently pay your gas supplier, look into your latest bill and there must be a tariff stated. If you have been using services of your current gas provider for over a year, then the bill should state how much gas you consumed over the past 12 months in kWh (kilowatt hours). Bill will contain all information you need to compare costs when doing your research on other companies.

But if you really want to make your life easier, then use price comparison websites. With a couple clicks and 5 minutes of your time, you will easily glance through all the energy companies in your area and most importantly, what are their tariffs. There are dozens of websites aimed at comparing energy suppliers you can easily find online. You can even find how companies changed their prices, this should give you a better understanding of company’s policy on pricing.

Even though finding a new gas provider with cheaper tariffs is a good feeling, do not forget about quality of service as well. Before switching your gas provider, make sure you research the company well. Look for user reviews online or ask your friends and family.

Good luck finding a better deal and remember that you can change your gas supplying company every 28 days!

Are you interested in seeing what other gas providers are there in your area? Npower, EDF Energy, British Gas, etc. There are so many of them that you absolutely need a tool to assist you!

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