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Discounts and offers like buy 2 get 1 free is integral part of our life. Every company is ready to be the best one and offer the best they can offer in order to attract new customers and certainly to keep loyal customers by their side. But what exactly does dual fuel mean and why it can be more convenient solution for you? This post will help you to find answers to these questions.

“Dual fuel…” The first thought which you might have about dual fuel that it comes in dual package and is usually a better deal, but let’s start from the beginning and not mix up apples with pears.

First of all, dual fuel means that you receive your gas and your electricity from the same energy supplier which might be a very convenient solution actually for customer’s comfort, if you need to use both of these energy sources in your everyday life.

Secondly, in case of any questions or emergencies dual fuel contract gives you the possibility in the case of questions to address only one company, instead of calling each company separately and waste time while being on a waiting line for ages.

Thirdly, dual fuel usually means that you receive one bill from one company where can be overviewed your total consumption and accordingly the costs for gas and electricity. So, you can easily compare how much of each energy source you have used, which one are you consuming more (this obviously will depend on your gas and electricity consumption purposes) and how much you will have to pay for gas and for electricity.

Lastly there is a fourth advantage of dual fuel, i.e., taking into account that you buy these energy sources from one supplier, there is a big chance that you will get an offer with a discount from the company which means saving money in your pocket.

dual fuel

There is a number of energy supplying companies offering dual fuel plan to their customers. For this reason, it is extremely important to research the market and make a dual fuel comparison. If you want to save time on your market research, then find some dual fuel comparison websites online.

It’s way much better and faster than doing everything on your own. What’s even better, you actually do not have to do anything at all. Just enter your postal code and the rest is done for you. Website will compare prices and tariff plans among all energy providers in your area. Don’t solely rely on the website though. Once you find a company offering dual fuel plans, do not hesitate to call them and ask any questions you have.

Dual fuel contract is definitely a convenient solution for people who use both energy sources, who would like to get a simple overview of their gas and electricity consumption, and, certainly, for people who would like to save money.

Are you ready to try dual fuel but not sure whether your current energy supplier provides this kind of tariff or not? Head to uSwitch and make a dual fuel comparison for all energy companies in your area!

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