Clever Ways to Solve Your Immediate Financial Needs.

The Beauty and the Beast situation:

Suppose you were contemplating a rehab loan for 1000 bucks to carry out minor but very essential repairs to your house roof. Suppose you run out of luck and your old house gets struck by lightning and you happen to carry a lightning & thunderstorm insurance costing one buck a day. You might suddenly recover your entire premium and get a new roof with ten thousand bucks with the insurance company paying for it. The insurance premium often looks like a beast initially but look what it turned out to be.

Same thing happened if you carry house installment insurance and the key earner in the family dies out of the blue. The children left behind by the insured will be looking at their late father as a blessing in disguise, the beauty so to speak instead of looking at the house mortgage company as a beast.


Two sides of the same coin:

Sometimes one side of the coin may be a win and the other side of the coin may be a loss. Who is not familiar with tossing the coin and choosing head versus tail!

Paying upfront versus paying on the backend can be all about the cash flow circumstance situation you are in and right timing and setting priority after careful due diligence. A boutique loan customized on the front end to pay upfront for a car versus a standard car loan can be an interesting exercise. The so called zero APR Car Loan can be loaded on the other end with a built in heavily overpriced Car.

Even if you pre pay the Car loan still you have essentially paid unnecessarily for an overpriced car. Initially a boutique loan to pay upfront for a car may look loaded with a high interest rate but do your homework well you can negotiate down the Car price to virtually have cash upfront in your pocket for the next several installments of your boutique loan.

Additionally as you have got the Car at much lower price you may be in better position to prepay off your Boutique loan thus saving 100% interest on your remaining principal amount plus as a bonus you will build fantastic credit rating with the financial institution that offered you the boutique custom loan.

Lateral inversion

When you look into a mirror your left ear becomes the right ear for your mirror image. Similarly have you ever thought of yourself as a Bank to the Banks that lend you money all the time? It’s as simple as changing your frame of mind and you could be the greatest micro Bank making money out of your Big Bank with few thousand Branches.

Each branch operates as a profit center. Choose to Bank with a large bank and you are nobody. Relate with the same bank with a smaller branch and you might be surprised to see the attention you get from your branch manager.

I’m Chris Smith and while working in finance for the last four years I have met many people that needed help handling their money problems, this is why I write my articles, to try and help the people that need a bit of advice.

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