10 Ways a Private Equity Firm Can Use Social Media for Lead Generation

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1) How private equity firm use social media for lead generation?
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3) How can you track the progress your company?
4) What is the fastest growing social media site?
5) What are the benefits of using social media for lead generation?

To most of us, they do indeed seem to be strange bedfellows; there doesn’t seem to be a lot that a private equity fund could stand to benefit from using social media and a lot of people in the industry would agree. However, you may be surprised to hear that the private equity industry could stand to benefit a lot from the use of social media and is far behind related sectors such as venture capitalism when it comes to social media usage. Here are 10 ways in which a private equity firm could use social media for lead generation.

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1. Get on LinkedIn

If you want a social networking website that is designed for professionals, then LinkedIn is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The site will allow you to build business connections, maintain current connections and give your private equity firm a greater online presence.

2. Work on your Facebook Page

Facebook is now the most visited site on the web, so you need to make sure your private equity firm has a strong presence there. Here people can “like” your firm’s page to follow you, you should update your Facebook page so people can see when you have news, a new blog or even just an interesting picture related to your company.

3. Start Tweeting

Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media site, so it seems a waste for your private equity fund not to use the site to tap into some of the millions of potential leads you may generate. Twitter is also a great way to give your firm a little personality, something that goes a long way in business these days.

4. Weekly Blogging

Writing a blog on at least a weekly basis will do your private equity fund no harm. Not only is it likely to make your website more visible on search engine results, it will also give you a good way to engage potential leads in your company.

5. Write an Email Newsletter

Why not try to get people that are interested in your firm involved by signing them up to a mailing list, then once a month or so, compile an email newsletter consisting of company news and updates to make sure you are at the forefront of potential client’s minds.

6. Email Signature Details

Everyone at your company should have links to both their own personal LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, as well as the company’s in their email signature. This gives any potential lead the opportunity to look at the details of your firm at the mere click of a mouse.

7. Get Ahead of the Pack

Private equity isn’t an industry that is particularly switched on to social media at the moment. What this means is that if your firm acts quickly, you can steal a march on your competition and establish leads no other company yet knows about.

8. Get the Latest News

Surprisingly, a lot of news now breaks over social media channels before it reaches online news sites and the print press. By monitoring social media, your firm can be sure that you’ll never miss an update concerning your sector.

9. Gives you a Different Perspective

Working in private equity, you will understand as well as anyone that firms will only usually make time for potential deals that come backed by trusted sources, however, having social media means you may be contacted by great prospective clients who you would have never approached before.

10. Track Your Progress

You can track the progress your company is making through social media by monitoring your website with programs such as Google Analytics, compare your site traffic now to before you were using social media and notice how many more people visit your site.

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