FedEx Office Rolls Out New E-Procurement System

FedEx Office Rolls Out New E-Procurement System

Running North America’s largest print network, FedEx Office is seeking to attract big corporate business with the launch of its new e-procurement system, promising easier printing and greater efficiency.

Fitting into businesses

The core selling point is the solution’s capability to work with businesses’ existing in-house systems allowing for a fuss-free take-up, with customers then being able to use the system to route projects for internal approval, specify delivery options and track orders alongside the product’s main function, ordering printing.

Giving online access to FedEx Office’s network of 1800 digitally connected locations, the makers are promising that this e-Procurement will introduce greater control and more order customisation options than similar products already available on the market.


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Driving business with web innovation

Recently changing name from FedEx Kinko to FedEx Office, the company is pushing its growth to become the one-stop-shop for business solutions. It clearly sees the key to dominating this market in using technology to drive down-costs for small and large companies alike.

At the beginning of the year FedEx Office invested heavily in high-end, commercial production equipment and initiated a recruitment drive. This investment in infrastructure has gone along with its push of on-line, on-the-move and on-demand print solutions – 40% of FedEx Office’s print business is from the web./p>

While there is still growth in this sector, other companies are claiming their share, but FedEx Office is keen to stay ahead of the competition. Since launching its online print solution in 2007, FedEx Office were the first to market with integrating access to Google Docs in 2011 and have improved its capabilities continuously, with access to other cloud based document storage solutions including Box, Dropbox and Google Drive introduced in July.

FedEx Office’s new e-Procurement system is a big development in this sector, and the emphasis is on the product ultimately being able to cut businesses’ costs with a one-stop solution, cutting out processes and automating others.

As well as integrated delivery and tracking options, FedEx Office’s e-Procurement solution has been designed to sync seamlessly with a company’s existing invoicing system, automating the processes for purchasing and invoicing, further reinforcing the advantages born of web efficiency.

Growing business for all of FedEx’s services

With access to an integrated, worldwide, highly respected delivery service, FedEx has a major advantage over its rivals in being able to offer direct printing-to-distribution via a massive, established network, further driving down costs and increasing efficiencies.

Of course, a large chunk of FedEx’s delivery services’ business comes from commercial printers, but FedEx Office’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Aimee DiCicco is not worried, dismissing any worries that customers from the commercial print sector might react negatively to this aggressive move to capture the printing business of large companies. “We do not expect any concerns; in fact, we’ve heard positive feedback thus far,” she said.

Currently, FedEx Office’s e-Procurement system is only available in the US and Canada, but there are plans in the pipeline to roll out the product to its Middle East and Asia sites.

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