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It is important to establish a business that is capable of meeting and reaching customers on both a national and international level. With the economy being in its recessionary state at the moment, many companies do not have the extra cash flow to support offices in several cities and countries. Thankfully there are many solutions to being a global company that don’t require leases, office equipment rentals, and staff. Below you will find out more about virtual office suites and other solutions for companies looking to expand and reach new potential clients.

Video Conferencing

This is a great solution for companies looking for affordable ways to virtually meet with clients in different parts of the nation and globe. There are many websites that offer either free or very affordable video conferencing options. You are able to conduct meetings face to face with multiple people all at the same time with minimal equipment. With video conferencing all you need is a computer equipped with a webcam and internet access. The greatest thing about video conferencing is that it doesn’t require an office. You can easily conduct meetings with potential clients from your home or even while you’re on vacation.


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Shared Office Spaces

This is ideal for companies that don’t require much space to operate. Shared office spaces are often offices that can be rented from larger offices that have unused space. Many large companies rent out unused offices and space in their buildings to offset the cost of their lease. This has proven to be helpful for startup companies that are looking to get their feet on the ground. Sometimes, the rent is low cost and a long-term lease is not required. Further, some shared office spaces are available for companies that are just looking for a meeting space and can be found across Australia and other countries. These offices are often equipped with all the office essentials like conference rooms, telephones, and office equipment.

Virtual Offices

This type of office is great for small and home-based companies that need multiple locations and the full office staff image. Virtual office suites offer a professional place to meet with clients. You also have the option of having a receptionist to handle all the phone calls and correspondence. Things such as printing, copying, and faxing are also taken care of at a virtual office. Companies also have optional access to personal administration services, which would include arranging travel and hotel bookings. This is the ideal choice for a company that wants to have it all without paying wages.

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