Effective Leadership Qualities And Skills

This post answers the following questions

1) What are the the fundamental leadership skills and qualities one should have?
2) How to become an effective leader?
3) Why integrity is one of the most important qualities that a leader should have?
4) What are vital in effective leadership qualities and skills?
5) Why do we need to be totally dedicated?

Great leadership in any business is vital and the role of an effective leader has considerable benefits and implications. If you need or want to be a leader in the work place then there are certain skills and leadership qualities that you need to have. Natural leaders are born but this does not mean that you cannot learn and condition yourself to be a great leader and be successful. In this interesting and informative article, we look at some of the fundamental leadership skills and qualities one should have and live by to effectively lead in business or even in your own personal capacity and life.

A list of good leadership qualities to strive to have

Be strong and assertive but not rude

One cannot be an effective leader and be a pushover or not convicted in their thoughts and actions. With this said however, one must not be rude. Be assertive and exude a particular strength that shows that you stand your ground and cannot be easily swayed without being rude. One of the leadership skills and qualities that is very difficult to master, but if able to do so, it will prove very beneficial when leading in business.


Integrity is one of the most important qualities that a leader should have. Not only will this benefit them as a leader but it will also aid in getting the trust of employees that need to be led by this individual. Be honest, open and practice to have integrity whenever you can.


One needs to be totally dedicated in order to be an effective leader. Dedication is another one of the most important leadership skills and qualities, as this shows that your heart is in it. No one wants to follow a leader that is not dedicated. A dedicated leader will motivate and inspire and others in the business will do the same.

Openness and effective communication

In effective leadership qualities and skills, openness and the ability to communicate well are vital. People need to feel that they are able to come to you with problems and work related ideas. You need to be an open book so people trust you, confide in you and this will create a great working environment. This is one aspect, the other aspect is the ability to communicate effectively. You need to be able to give clear tasks and provide enough information for people to do a task properly. Lack of communication can lead to a host of problems which can disrupt business. You need to be open and communicate well; vital among leadership qualities and skills.


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