Don’t Let Your Warehouse go from Insult to Injury

Given that warehouse jobs contain a whole host of possible potential sources of injuries it really is not surprising that there are many workers that are injured and in some cases even killed each year. The issue though is that many of these accidents could have been avoided and preventable, with many of the more important principles of safety commonly being overlooked.

We are going to look at the more common injuries that are suffered in a warehouse setting and just what we can do to prevent them from happening.

Trips and Slips

The biggest causes of injuries in warehouse environments are slip and trips; athough these may not seem too serious they potentially can be. Prevention of these accidents is so simple yet many companies still fail to have the proper methods in place.

Adequate non-slip footwear needs to be worn by all employees whilst any slippery hazards need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible, whilst signage needs to be used to warn anybody walking by.

Falling From a Height

These are fairly common accidents that can be fatal in some cases. Ladders need to be used to climb, whilst they need to be used only on flat and stable surfaces. A forklift truck should never ever be used and climbing up racks should be strictly forbidden in your warehouse.

Moving Vehicles

A warehouse environment will usually involve many people and many vehicles all moving around in close proximity, this means that all routes in and out of the warehouse all need to be planned meticulously. Additionally there should be procedures set in place for the safe loading and unloading of vehicles, all loads should be secured in the appropriate manner to avoid having them fall off the forks and potentially hit and injure somebody.

No vehicles should be allowed to leave until their entire load has been completely secured.

Falling Objects

All items in the warehouse that are stored at height must be properly secured at all times. They should also be put in place by the correct lifting equipment. Objects falling on employees are one of the biggest contributors to injuries caused in a warehouse environment, with the size and weight of the object determining just how serious the injuries can be.


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Manual Handling

Whilst this is not the kind of injury that can happen instantly it is one of the biggest kinds to hit the warehouse environment. Back injuries are probably the most common injury that is caused by an accident as such, just poor manual handling skills.

There should be proper guidelines on just how items should be picked up and how they should be moved. Staff should not be expected to lift anything heavier than 25kg by themselves and should request a second lifter to help.

By using the correct procedures and lifting equipment you can ensure that your warehouse is a safe for your employees as it can possibly be.

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