Dedicating More Resources To Customer Service Can Increase Business

Traditional and online marketing has the enviable goal of bringing more customers through the physical and “proverbial” doors of a business. The process is a difficult, time-consuming and, usually, expensive. While, it certainly must be performed for any business to succeed, the additional task of retaining customers is equally important to the ultimate viability of a company. Increasingly, businesses are recognizing the need for more customer-service oriented technologies like CRM and queue management systems. These tools can help in three distinct but equally important areas; increasing conversion rates, producing repeat customers and promoting add-on sales.

Retaining the Best Customers

It is a simple fact of life in the retail world, online or in a physical location that customers do not want to be kept long especially when they are waiting to pay. The single most important factor influencing a customer’s satisfaction is “wait time.” In essence, customer retention then becomes a choice between having your representatives serve customers immediately, or perform some other business related tasks. For successful businesses they do not face this dilemma because they realize that keeping customers who already support and understand the business is far less expensive than trying to find new ones.

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Promoting Add-On sales

In a similar vein, customers who have been attended to in a prompt and courteous manner are far more likely to purchase additional, high margin items at the checkout counter or as suggested by the online sales representative. Do not discount this seemingly minor process, as it can boost profits by 200% or more. In addition, add-on sales are somewhat infectious and, once one is made, several more may follow in rapid succession.

Increased Conversion Rates

For the online retailer, having visitors is just not enough. These potential buyers must be converted into actual paying customers. Without tools like customer service management software and queue management systems, these efforts are likely to be ineffective or even doomed to failure. Simply consider he price of not reaching ten percent of your customers who have already decided to buy. It is imperative that a business “touch” every customer possible to achieve the greatest conversion rate and therefore significantly influence the bottom line.

A Final Thought on Customer Service

Improving customer service is the single most affordable thing that any business can do to improve sales and profitability. It simply requires a company to invest in the proper tools and training and then to hold their staff accountable for the results. In short, devote the proper resources and you will reap the consequent rewards.

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