Cloud backup – a solution for many data management concerns

this post answers the following questions
1. What is the meaning of syncing with the cloud?
2. How reliable is cloud storage?
3. Can cloud storage be accessed anywhere?
4. Is cloud storage available in many browsers and operating system?
5. Is it safe to use cloud storage?

In addition to encouraging a greener environment, one of the biggest benefits of backing up data online is that mundane tasks such as signing contracts can be performed digitally and stored ‘in the cloud.’

There are other ramifications which are not as simply dealt with. Syncing with the ‘cloud’ means that files are continuously uploaded, exchanged or modified, and this is a perfectly normal activity that does not require additional effort. All information is guarded with high security, and for a reasonable price business and personal information is readily accessible to users.

Internet backup is now more popular than it once was, as many doubts and fears held by members of the general public have been allayed. The level of support offered by technical teams working for the companies providing cloud services has been improved, and the main concerns such as ‘downtime’ and technical glitches have been addressed.

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Whatever questions have been raised to indicate that cloud backup is difficult to use and fraught with problems have been answered, because flash drives are more prone to destruction and failure than the cloud channel. In addition, there is no worry that a cloud backed-up file is not accessible because a USB port cannot be found, or a flash drive has been corrupted.

The latest development in online storage means that data can be accessed from anywhere – not just from computers and laptops, but also from televisions, palmtops and smart phones. Users of internet backup now carry their music, photos and movies anywhere they go. The channels of sharing, syncing and distribution in addition to being highly flexible, have remained virus-free whilst offering the huge benefit of high security.

Cloud storage or backup is now available across many browsers and operating systems. Cloud backup for Windows and Mac is not hard to find. In spite of 24 x 7 access to all the files backed up, they are secure and still available at the touch of a key. This is made possible due to an encryption key which not only keeps the data safe, but also keeps it flexible and secure in the pathway during access. The 128 bit and 256 bit SSL encryption offered, scrambles the data at both ends so that it cannot be deciphered by anyone apart from those in possession of the encryption key. Data transfer, as well as storage, is performed under conditions of extremely high security.

Pricing, which at one time was a concern for cloud storage, is no longer an issue, and even large volumes of data can be accommodated at a reasonable price. Adhering to global security standards should provide additional reassurance to anyone concerned about the safety of their data.

This article was written by data backup expert David Hamer, who publishes many online articles on this and other topics.

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