How Does Your Credit Card Company Compare In Today’s Market?

How does your current credit card (or credit cards) compare with some of the offers available on the market today? You could be paying far too much in annual fees, high interest rates and also losing out on special rewards. If you haven’t checked lately what credit cards are available and some of the outstanding offers on different cards, maybe now is the time to act and target one or more cards which are more suited to your current lifestyle choices.

Your current credit card company may just be milking you dry – locate the target

It isn’t in your current credit card company’s interests to inform you there are special offers on other cards from other companies. Neither is it in their interest to lose you as one of the ‘cash cows’. Why should they if they are milking you at twenty five percent on all outstanding balances AND charging you an annual fee for the privilege? The only way to get a better deal is to shop around and believe me, there are hundreds of companies with multiple cards and differing offers which reflect myriad lifestyle choices.

Assume the sniper’s position

Treat your current credit card as the enemy and you are on a mission to destroy that enemy. The mission, should you accept it, is to hunt down and find the credit cards which are offering the best deals, and once armed with this ammunition then take the enemy out. What you should be looking for is any one of a number of special offers and low payment charges on credit cards as your ammunition. These offers may be in the form of:

  • Air miles rewards
  • Low interest charges
  • Free balance transfers
  • Cash back on goods and services
  • Fixed term zero interest on purchases

These are just some of the ammunition types available to shoot down the silent enemy residing in your wallet or purse. Once you have the ammunition and have your ‘weapon’ of choice, you are then free to take aim.

Take aim

There are multiple credit card types which offer a combination of rewards or single items from the aforementioned list. Take a little time to research which card is best suited to your lifestyle and lifestyle choices. Cash back on gasoline and fuel offers would suit a traveling salesperson or a truck owner driver, free balance transfers and a low interest rate might suit an individual who has accumulated credit card debt on one or more high interest cards. In another instance, air miles rewards on a credit card would obviously suit the frequent flyer. Whatever your current usage of your existing card, there are many cards which can be used to better advantage.

Fire at the enemy

Now you have a clear aim you can take the kill shot and dump your old, high interest expensive credit cards and start afresh.

Take a look today; there are hundreds of consumer friendly credit cards available, why should you carry on ‘sleeping with the enemy’ when there is a world of consumer choice available?

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