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Are you an Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, or Secretary? We know how many responsibilities that you must take care of on a daily basis. You are the control center of many companies and offices which cannot run successfully without your multi-tasking skills. Some of the attributes one must have to be successful with this job are patience, common sense, professionalism, and most importantly you must be organized.  In order to be the best secretary possible, educate yourself on some of the essentials that you will need below!

What you need.

You should have a planner, even though most offices are digital, it is still important to have a planner that you can take everywhere with you. It is smart to have one that you do not have to worry about charging. An old school planner works fine as long as you can read your own writing! You want others to be able to read it as well in case you can’t make it to work and your fill-in needs to get in the loop on the itinerary. The benefits of having this planner is you can have it with you at all times so you can be ready if your boss or an associate calls you about a scheduling question.

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