Commercial Solar Power – Key Advantages for Business

In today’s competitive economy, as well as a growing concern over the environment, businesses have to do more than just provide an excellent product for service to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. One of the biggest things a business can do to reduce their carbon footprint – the amount of carbon your business puts in the atmosphere by way of the processes you employ or the amount of power you use – as this can help a business save money, get them prepared for a future of more and more alternative energy, and help with reputation and public relations. No matter what your business, many customers want to support those who put the environment on top of their priority list.

Going green, as they say, by switching to solar power has a lot of advantages outside of excellent public relations and a nice boost to reputation. There are many incentives for businesses of any size to reduce their carbon footprint through the use of alternative energy sources like solar power. Most governments offer a wide variety of cost offsets and tax write offs for businesses who invest in solar power. This helps to offset the cost of the installation of a solar array.

Monetary benefits, in addition to the obvious social and environmental ones, are the biggest advantage of solar power. The government can help to offset the cost of the purchase and installation of an array. There are then programs that further incentivize solar power. Feed in tariffs, sometimes referred to as net metering, is a great way to earn some money from any extra power produced by your array.

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Your commercial solar array will be connected to the overall electricity grid of the city. The reason for this is two-fold. Sometimes you may need a bit of additional “juice” and being connected to the main grid makes providing such power much easier. You may also have times of surplus, where you produce more energy than you need for operations. At that time, the energy can be pumped into the main electricity grid and provide power for general customers. The energy company compensates you, at above market rate, for the power you provide through these programs.

Then, there is the free energy aspect of a solar power installation. Though the initial costs of purchasing a commercial solar power array may be hefty, even with all the write offs and other incentives, over time, reduced or eliminated power bills will help the system begin to pay for itself. Once it does, you are, for all intents and purposes, getting “free power,” that is, power that you do not have to pay for, that is not being used to recoup the costs of the installation of the system. While this takes time, it will happen faster than most people think, and when this happens, you reap the benefits indeed.

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