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If you have new business premises it’s essential that you have enough washroom items in stock. Some cleaning companies will provide their own cleaning equipment whereas other will rely on you to keep a good level of stock which they’ll use when they do the cleaning for you. And even if you have a cleaning company who come on a daily basis and use their own products to do the cleaning, there may come a time when you’ll have to clean the facilities yourself. The things you’ll need include:
Cleaning equipment
Keeping the washroom clean is essential. And a wipe over once in a while with an anti-bacterial wipe simply won’t do. There’s a wide range of different products out there that are designed to do just this. Some of the basic items include:
o    Mop and bucket – the best way to clean a tiled or vinyl floor
o    Cleaning wipes and scouring pads – a selection of different types are needed for different cleaning jobs
o    Floor squeegees – a quick and easy way to clean the floor
o    Toilet brushes and holders – these should feature as standard in every toilet cubicle
o    Safety signs – essential when you’ve mopped a floor
You’ll likely need a good supply of each of the above, especially if you have a large office or more than one washroom. Even if you have a small office it can be a good idea to keep a few items in stock so that they can be used when needed.


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Cleaning chemicals
If you’ve got the right equipment you’ll need the cleaning products to go with them. Essentials include:
o    Bacterial detergent – this should kill germs whilst not tainting surfaces
o    Hard surface cleaner – this can be used on all hard surfaces such as door handles and tiles to provide a steak-free clean
o    Floor cleaner – it does what it says on the tin, make sure it’ll get the floor spotlessly clean
o    Bleach – use when cleaning toilets
These are just the basics; you’ll also likely need some sort of cream cleaner to get rid of stubborn stains as well as furniture polish and a duster to give wooden surfaces a shine.
Cleaning wear
If you are going to be cleaning the washroom yourself you’ll need to make sure you are protected from any splashes which may happen during the cleaning process.
Some of the things you might need include:
o    Disposable gloves – an essential item for any cleaning task
o    Disposable aprons – perfect to keep your clothes clean when cleaning a washroom
If you have a clean and hygienic washroom you’ll likely have a clean and hygienic office too, and it’s never a nice thought for your employees, visitors or clients to visit the restroom at your premises and be underwhelmed at what they face when they walk through the door.
Like all the above essentials specific cleaning jobs might call for specific cleaning products or special clothing to be worn. But in all the above cases it’s important to realise that the end product of what you are trying to achieve should always be the same – a clean and hygienic washroom.

Gemma Hurst has her own cleaning company. She offers a range of different cleaning services to domestic and commercial establishments. She buys her stock from Gloves 4 Less.

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