Business Awards Can Increase New Business

The recent fall in the economy has spelt bad news for many businesses; Business Awards are a way to change this.

In a difficult economic climate generating new business can be difficult, with many businesses relying on flawless reputation and word of mouth. Most people are doing their best not to spend money but in the industries where money is being spent, such as fuel and food, the battle amongst competitors is bigger than ever. The market that you’re advertising to seems to be getting smaller and smaller and it can be hard to stay ahead of your game, especially for small businesses.

Upholding a great reputation for delivering the service or providing a product is paramount to surviving in a difficult economy. Business owners talk between themselves and judge other businesses – it’s a two faced world – also your customers will have friends that they’ll recommend you to if you give good service, on the other hand however, if you give bad service they’ll tell people to stay away. Never forget that it’s much easier to gain a bad reputation compared to a good one. Continuing good service within your community can lead to Outstanding Service Awards. If you win an award it will be published in high authority publications, alongside you trophy or certificate which you can put on display for everyone to see. These publications give your company a lot of credibility and a potential advantage over your competitors.

It’s also advisable to enter into your local Industry Awards. No matter what industry you’re in there will be an award for you; some industries even have their own awards for example the UK IT Industry Awards or the MCA Awards for the consulting industry. Winning the ‘Best New Firm’ category would be a major advantage for a new business and would be a brilliant first step on the business ladder. Building and maintaining a business during the recession is difficult for anyone but if you have one of these prestigious awards to show around it may make your job that little bit easier.

Why not try for a business accreditation that is sure to make your business stand out from the crowd, such as the Investors in People Award? There are also a wide range of ISO Certifications that you could go for; these are internationally recognised so will help make your business popular all over the world.

ISO Certification

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These types of awards not only make your business look good but they also instil trust into your clients and customers as well as encouraging potential new business your way.

This article was written by Emma Reeves for, handlers of ISO certification.

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