Build Relationships With Your Customers

If you work in sales you will be fully aware of the constant battle of reaching the sales targets. To be fair, the constant battle is your job; you will have a weekly / monthly / quarterly / yearly revenue target to achieve and all of your time, attention and motivation will go towards achieving that target. After all, a large part of your job will be trying to achieve that all important bonus at the end of the month.


The hardest part of any sales job however is the inevitable rejection that will come from some prospects. At the end of the day, people don’t really want to be sold anything, which is the main factor into why cold calling is such a challenge for most sales people. Because of fear that generally surrounds cold calling, most sales people will naturally endeavour to not do it, but this is not to say that they won’t approach the sale in a different manner.

There are many ways in which sales people try to build up a contact base with the ultimate aim of making a sale. One of the most popular methods is networking. Particularly useful in the business to business context, putting effort into networking is a tried and tested way of not only meeting new contacts, but building relationships with those contacts to either hopefully get a sale in the future or even in the hope that the contact will know someone who could use your services; as the old saying goes, “Everyone is someone’s someone”. Networking events are a great place to start to build up the all important contact base. Networking events are planned and organised on the premise that everyone is there to promote their services and, at some point, any one person at the event could use the services of another person at the event. This removes the perceived harshness of approaching people cold and ensures that everyone is aware of the motives of everyone else for being at the said networking event.

It is also possible to network online. Websites such as LinkedIn were built solely to allow business contacts to keep in contact with one another and steadily build a business relationship. When the situation arises that someone needs a particular product or service, they will instantly know where to turn to find the contact that can hook them up with the particular product or service they need.

Attempting to build relationships means that even if the prospect doesn’t need you at that particular time, they may need you in the future and should that situation arise, they will know where to turn.

This guest blog post was written by Ian Fan, a professional speaker and deliverer of sales training for professionals.

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