Boosting the Efficiency of your Business Meetings

No matter how far modern technology comes there will always be a need for some face to face contact within businesses. Simply put face to face meetings are better at generating input and interest, developing relationships and brokering agreements. People lead busy lives, so any business meeting you arrange should be as efficient as possible in order to maximise benefits. This article will serve you as a guide to help you get the most out of your upcoming get together.

It is Necessary: Having a big group meeting when a single phone call would have sufficed will only serve to diminish the productivity of future meetings. Similarly don’t mention the non-important before dealing with the essential, it will just confuse and cloud proceedings.

Location and Time: a business meeting in a restaurant may sound appealing, but the reality is the efficiency of the meeting will suffer – nobody wants to discuss corporate strategy when they could be scoping out the dessert menu. So choose a professional location, and try and pick a location that is geographically suitable. If you have a branch travelling 8 hours to meet you near your office they are going to arrive tired and unproductive, so try and meet in the middle. Similarly, organizing a meeting for the middle of rush hour or early in the morning is just going to force people enduring frustrating situations and put them in a bad mood.

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Make an Agenda: Know ahead of time what needs to be discussed, let others know so as to give them time to do some of their own research. The more prepared and read up you and others are, the more productive the meeting will be and the better the decisions made at the meeting will be. Also if you want somebody to present something then tell them before hand – there presentation will be considerably improved.

The Participants: Make sure that the only people present are those who can make a productive input. Obviously this means inviting the people who are most in the know on certain subjects, but it may also mean inviting the people who are known to have good creative thinking.

Track the Meeting: Record and review decisions as they are made. This record should then be sent to participants prior to the meeting. This ensures that everyone knows what they are doing and should something go amiss then you have documentation to place the responsibility on the correct head.

Make it official: Emphasis the importance of formal dress and arriving in time – professional policies lead to professional results.

This article was written by Jacob Catt on behalf of Hubworking – who offer professional, pay as you go conference and meeting rooms in London.

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