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Boilers are an ideal way to provide inexpensive heat for your business. A boiler can be used as both a power-generation system and a temperature control mechanism as needed. These units basically work by using fuel to heat water, creating steam and heat. This is a very traditional way of providing energy and comfort which your business can take advantage of to keep your business running in a variety of conditions.

When the power goes out or your heater fails, you need a backup solution to keep your business running. You cannot have customers in a building that has no heat, and you need to keep the temperature in your building from falling too low as this can cause damage to your pipes and other equipment you may have inside. Rental boilers can help address these kinds of emergencies so you do not have to go without the resources you need for any significant length of time.

Rental boilers can be used to supplement a boiler system that is already installed in your building or as an emergency backup system when your current heat source is unusable. Those who only experience temperatures cold enough to require a heater may also find value in renting a boiler for these few months each year rather than having a heater permanently installed. Boiler systems make idea sources of comfortable heat that does not result in the air becoming dry and static during the cold winter months. Rental units can be secured for preplanned occasions as well as emergency response measures. Our company will adjust your rental based on your needs and the situation at hand to help ensure that you have all the equipment you need to keep your business running the way it should.

Our equipment includes hot water or steam units for your convenience. Our boilers range in size from 50 to 200 horsepower for a steam unit and 30 to 200 horsepower for a hot-water boiler. If you are unsure what type of equipment, you will need, our specialists will be happy to talk with you to help determine what machinery will work best to replace the heating unit you are currently working with. Our temporary boiler systems are trailer mounted and containerized for optimum convenience for our clients, making it easy to install and remove each unit during the rental period.

When working with a boiler unit, it is important to make sure that your setup is safe. Our boilers are set up with safety in mind so that maintenance workers can adjust them without having to be concerned about getting burned or leaking hot water causing damage to the surrounding area.

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