Big Ink- Attracting Customers to Your T-Shirt Printing Business

With low barriers to entry, the T-shirt printing business has enjoyed years of steady growth. If you work from home and have some experience with Internet marketing and web design, you have probably considered starting your own T-shirt printing business and marketing your wares online. In a competitive market, there are several ways that you can quickly differentiate your business from the pack and increase demand for your products.

1. Investigate Low-Cost Online Promotion

Because online T-shirt marketing is so popular these days, you have several different options at your disposal when it comes time to release your designs to the public. Most budding T-shirt entrepreneurs avoid the cost of setting up their own website by listing their products on third-party sites that aggregate different T-shirt designs from around the web and allow customers to purchase them on-site, taking a small cut of the proceeds in exchange.

Likewise, several websites are renowned for ranking new T-shirt designs against current offerings, creating a tiered meritocracy in which more popular designs enjoy greater visibility for little or no up-front investment.

2. Embrace a Common Theme

The most successful T-shirt printing businesses sell multiple T-shirt designs that all adhere to the same basic themes. Consider creating a unique “vibe” that can easily be reproduced without much effort. Solid, minimalist color schemes and simple graphics work well in this regard, as do catchphrases small enough to be printed in fairly large lettering across the front of your shirts.

3. Find a Niche

If you decide to devise a coherent attitude and aesthetic for your T-shirt business, you’ll quickly find that you appeal to certain types of customers over others. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s often better to grab a larger share of a small part of the total market than it is to attempt to carve out a few customers from a broader sample, because niche customers tend to be more loyal. If you want to penetrate multiple niches, consider creating another T-shirt theme. Punk, rocker, and hipster are all major players in the niche markets, which make them a lucrative field to cater to.

Starting a T-shirt business takes lots of hard work, but it’s possible if you have a good product and a solid business plan. Streamline and simplify your shirts’ designs, target specific niche audiences to increase market penetration, and market your product online with aggregator websites that can cut promotional costs. If you do it right, your T-shirt business will take off in no time.

Casey Hardcastle is a freelance blogger and home-business enthusiast. Casey recommends checking out if you are interested in starting a business in designing custom t-shirts.

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