Becoming An Interim Manager

Being an interim manager is not your usual career, although there are plenty of benefits to be had. There are different types of ‘interims’, on the one hand there are the people who have decided on this role as a career for life, on the other there are the people who use it as a temporary role with the hope of being offered a permanent position.

Interim managers are independent workers who either work through a company of their own or another interim management company. They are usually hired by businesses in critical times of need, such as replacing the loss of managers, a serious change within the business or as a way to increase the business’ resources but not increasing their employees.

A career as an interim manager is not something to be taken lightly and would not be the best temporary solution. If you are struggling to find full time work then becoming an interim manager is no way to resolve this as there is no guarantee of work – especially if you don’t have any experience. If it is a full time opportunity you’re looking for then you should consider taking on fixed term contracts and covering leave in order to try and gain that permanent position.


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If this is a true calling for you though, there are many benefits to be had from this type of career. Being an interim manager means that you only work if you want to; any contract that is offered to you, you only agree to if you want it. If you don’t want to work in the summer you don’t have to and if you want to take time off between roles than you can, the balance between you work and home life is completely up to you. You get the opportunity to experience a wide variety of roles in many organisations. As well as more free time you also get much better pay; you also get to be involved with other employees and the business while not being involved in company politics and you have the opportunity to build up a portfolio of your skills in order to help you get only the best roles in the future.

The only downsides of this type of job are that you are not guaranteed constant work, so there may be long periods of time when you don’t get paid. You have to sort out your own finances; as well as managing your finances when you don’t have regular work you also have to keep on top of your taxes. You could be expected to work anywhere so you may have to deal with periods of time away from home. However, if this is your true career choice then these are small sacrifices to make in order to give you the freedom and lifestyle that you want.

This article was written my Jenny Watts on behalf of interim management specialists

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