Becoming a Better Manager Doesn’t Have to Involve a Snarl or a Santa Suit

When I got promoted to the role of manager it was one of the scariest things to happen to me. I had enjoyed being part of the team and now the thought of having to lead them had me terrified. In the time which has passed since then I have come across a few different ways of trying to become a better manager. As you can imagine, not all of them have been entirely successful.

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An Uncomfortable Santa

The first Christmas after I had become a manager I was railroaded into being the office Santa. I was told that this was tradition and to be honest I thought that it might help me become more popular and well loved. It turned out to be a disaster though. The suit was about 5 sizes too big for me and I felt really uncomfortable at playing the role of Santa. I ended the day with a red face and covered in sweat. I think that the staff lost a lot of respect for me that day and I decided to avoid putting myself in ridiculous situations to try and win favour from then on.

Get Tough

A well-meaning colleague once suggested that I toughen up when dealing with the rest of the team. After practising my snarl in the bathroom mirror for a while I decided to lay down the law to my staff. The end result was that they all hated me and started dragging their feet on their work even more than before. There is no reason to be nasty to your team members when talking to them nicely and explaining the situation can get you far better results.

A Useful Course

Probably the best way of improving your management skills is by going on management courses. I have been on several of these and always really enjoy them. The best type of courses for managers will be entertaining as well as educational. The trainers who run these management courses are usually experienced managers with a lot of funny stories and great tips.

Listen and Learn

Thanks to one of those management courses, I realised that the best way to manage people is to understand them. Instead of trying to impose unsuitable work on them I now make sure that I listen to them and try and give them the jobs they most like or need. Everyone sees their career going in a certain direction and their manager can play a big part in making sure that this happens for them.

With the right management courses you can gain more confidence in order to lead your team and avoid making some of the most common mistakes.

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