Are you Recovering Incurred Debts or Losing More Money? Debt Recovery Solutions and How to evaluate them

Knowing that your company lost a significant amount of money from individual delinquent accounts or unpaid percentages of your business to business accounts are already hard for you to take. How much more if you don’t get responses from these debtors? So, before you spend more rather than receive what is due to you, you may want to consider evaluating the debt recovery solution you are using.

The first thing to do is to check the unpaid accounts you have and see how much has been returned to the company. Look into your debt collection strategy and compare how much is the amount you already spent for it. If you are company is simply sending out additional invoices to your debtors, usually one gets returns that will only cover the expenses used for those additional mailings. You may already be writing off those debts that are below $20 as you may not even get any of it because of the recovery expenses. Assess this situation and you may realize that this is a not a good strategy. It even wastes more time and effort. The same assessment should be done if you are using the phone tactic. In this strategy, patience and great communication skills are a must. This is because if you end up with a verbal confrontation with the client, you may lose a significant business account or may even end up with a lawsuit. So, this is not only time-consuming but also stressful.


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For some who opt to use a debt collection agency, they may be efficient in recovering unpaid dues, but if you seem to be spending much then perhaps this method is not suitable for your company. However, if most of your unpaid accounts are B2B debts, then you may be using online debt collection. Most companies find this method more reliable because of the cheaper cost, faster debt recovery it does, and the control it gives to the company collecting the debt. Further, if you are using a combination of these strategies, then you may want to seek the assistance and guidance of financial experts on debt collection methods. They can provide better evaluations of your debt recovery solutions.

There are different ways to have your debtors pay you back, but from time to time you should evaluate the efficiency of your methods. Also, check the suitability of your debt recovery solution to the kind of unpaid accounts you have. Lastly, it is highly recommended that you seek professional aid on assessing and gain more knowledge on other possible techniques you can use.

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