Are LED Displays The Future Of Advertising?

An LED, or light-emitting diode, has become a frequent part of today’s advertising world but just how important will they prove to be eventually?

There is little doubt regarding the assertion that LED lights are now in high demand. They have been touted as the future for advertising and with their versatility, quality and effectiveness we can clearly see why these are the must-have product for advertising in the modern world.

LED Lighting

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A considerable step forward in sports

We now see LED billboards around sports pitches at the big games, replacing the honourable wooden models we have known for years. This is because the biggest companies have realised that using LED displays catches the eye in a much better way than the more traditional boards. A major advancement in the technology means that you can programme them to show as many different adverts as you like and they can be changed whenever deemed necessary. This keeps the adverts updated and contemporary at all times.

Further use and advantages

Sports stadiums are by no means the only places in which LEDs are used for advertising. The destination of Las Vegas is known the world over for its bright lights and its top notch reputation goes hand in hand with all of the advertising its hotels, casinos and destinations have, and LED displays are used in all of these. Bars, clubs and pubs often use LEDs to advertise their location to stand out from the crowd.

This choice of lighting is an advantage for a number of other reasons which is why some traffic lights have now been converted to LED rather than standard bulbs. Additionally, they are more economical than a standard bulb with a very high percentage of the energy produced being converted into light, and the small remaining percentage being converted to heat. They are also more durable than a standard bulb as they can be used constantly for over ten years. Finally, they have a high quality for an advertising bulb, one that can only be matched if you want to buy a huge TV to advertise on, which predictably would be a lot more expense to buy and run.

Prestige cars such as Audis are now using LED lights on the exterior of their cars as well as LED displays inside as it gives off a smart, stylish and modern look. Although LED displays may be an expensive way to advertise it is evidently the way to be seen in the crowd and is the key to staying one step ahead of the competition.

Article written by John Baxter representing who are a top manufacturer of LED displays, operating from Hong Kong with a base also in China.

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